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The new Indiana Jones movie gets a title!

The return of Indiana Jones. Hurray.
John Moore News Sep 10, 2007

Yup, Indy VI has a real name. A nine-word one. Wow. We're lost for words. George Lucas stole them all.

Den of Geek drinking game: Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf
Sarah Dobbs News Sep 10, 2007

When faced with a truly wretched movie, is there a better way of still enjoying it than by turning it into a drinking game? No, probably not...

They Just Want A Normal Life

Sarah Dobbs News Sep 4, 2007

It's the never-ending whinge of superheroes everywhere - just a normal life! Who needs superpowers when a nine-to-five job and a cooked dinner in front of the telly would do?

When The Simpsons title sequence meets Star Wars

When The Simpsons and Star Wars meet...
Simon Brew News Aug 31, 2007

It's a work of genius: what happens when you reinterpret the title sequence to The Simpsons with a Star Wars twist? This does...

FrightFest's best giveaway

Black Sheep
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 30, 2007

Freebies are part and parcel of any film festival, and this year's FrightFest was no different. The gifts given away included t-shirts, DVDs, cans of beer, and... well, you'll see

Where's Spidey? #2

Where's Spidey?
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 29, 2007

Another day, another random Spider-Man spotting? This one's a Spidey with a twist, though...

Doctor Who: red Daleks spotted?

The logo for Doctor Who.
Simon Brew News Aug 23, 2007

Eyewitness reports from Cardiff suggest all that crap about three surviving Daleks is about to be put right. Doctor Who series four is looking really quite interesting again...!

The top 7 geeky ringtones

Crazy Frog
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 22, 2007

Now that we live in a world where the mobile phone has replaced the boom box as the music-playing annoyance du jour, your ringtone says a lot about you. So what's yours?

Where's Spidey?

Where's Spidey?
Sarah Dobbs News Aug 21, 2007

Everyone remembers Where's Wally?, right?

Want to buy a Buffy doll?

Sarah Dobbs News Aug 8, 2007

An enterprising eBay seller is flogging a genuine prop from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, it's from the episode where she came back from the dead. Warning: pretty grim picture inside.