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Doctor Who: Dennis Hopper, and more rumours

The Tardis is surrounded by fans of the Catherine Tate announcement
Simon Brew News Jul 5, 2007

The Doctor Who news machine isn't stopping, and we're clinging on for dear life trying to keep up with it all...

Transformers hits. We think.

Simon Brew News Jul 5, 2007

The first day's takings are in, and Transformers is a hit. Or is it?

Doctor Who: Kylie confirmed

The Tardis at Christmas. Before a big ship smashed into the side of it
Simon Brew News Jul 3, 2007

News on the Doctor Who Christmas special, and the brilliantly-kept secret that Kylie Minogue is going to be in it

Doctor Who: Martha will be back...

Martha Jones WILL return...
Simon Brew News Jul 2, 2007

A quick Doctor Who update (Obsessed? Us?), with the news released this morning about the future of Martha Jones...

Doctor Who season finale: first reaction

The Master. Before everything went pear-shaped
Simon Brew News Jun 30, 2007

In advance of our full review, a quick initial reaction to the conclusion of series three of the new Doctor Who.

Is Dead Like Me making a comeback?

Dead Like Me
Sarah Dobbs News Jun 28, 2007

More cult telly coming back from the dead? (Sorry, but since it's Dead Like Me we're talking about, we couldn't resist using way too many death-related clichés.)

Sam Raimi talks Spider-Man 4 villains...

Spidey villains
Sarah Dobbs News Jun 26, 2007

Last we heard, Sam Raimi, Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire had all ducked out of the Spidey franchise. But Raimi has been talking about the villains he wants for Spider-Man 4 anyway...

Indiana Jones: back in action

The return of Indiana Jones. Hurray.
Simon Brew News Jun 22, 2007

Photographic evidence of the return of Indiana Jones. And he's not looking too old, either...

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer comes out today!

The Silver Surfer on the big screen
Sarah Dobbs News Jun 15, 2007

Four daft people with accidental super powers fight crime. Will the arrival of the Silver Surfer make the Fantastic Four sequel any good, or not?

Autumn's Big DVD Release Dates

Simon Brew News Jun 15, 2007

The shows and movies heading our way over the coming months, Including release dates. And Heroes is being split over two boxsets...!