Introducing the Den Of Geek letters page

News Simon Brew
25 Jun 2014 - 05:52

Welcome to our latest old fashioned innovation: it's a letters page!

In our ongoing quest to be the most old-fashioned website on planet Earth, our latest wheeze is that we're introducing a Den Of Geek letters page. This will eschew all modern technology, and instead of it being interactive, and allowing live questions and answers, we're going to do it the way it used to be done. Thus, you write letters, we answer them.

Why are we doing this? Er, good question.

Apart from our continuing missions to be obtuse and contrary - and to use the word 'obtuse' at least once a month - we want to do something with a bit more detail. Granted, there's to and fro in the comments already, and that will continue to be the case. But we're throwing open the (virtual) doors for you to ask us anything. Above movies, games, comics, the site, The Statham, books, our favourite T-shirt, the name of our cat, why we like the word 'obtuse'... it's really up to you.

Then, every week or two, we'll gather together a bunch of your letters and answer them. In an entirely non-interactive format that makes no use whatsoever of the many brilliant technologies and plug-ins that the internet has to offer.

To further sweeten the deal, there will be no star letter prize. This is old school.

So: the email address for your letters is And if all goes to plan, our first letters page will be live on the site in a week or two. What could go wrong?

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