A new picture emerges from the set of Jurassic World

News Ryan Lambie 27 May 2014 - 07:10

It doesn't tell us much, admittedly, but director Colin Trevorrow's new image from the set of Jurassic World is well worth checking out...

If you're looking forward to the forthcoming Jurassic World as much as we are, director Colin Trevorrow's Twitter feed is a great source of humour and intrigue. The past few days have seen him tweet a few suggestive images from its location in Hawaii, a snapshot of an old Jurassic Park cartridge jammed into a yellowing Super Nintendo, and effects genius Phil "You had one job" Tippett lovingly gazing at a model T-Rex.

Approximately one hour ago, meanwhile, Trevorrow tweeted the image below. It's not much, but it's intriguing nevertheless: a close-up of a patch. And not just any patch - one of the veterinarians' patches from Isla Nublar, the place where dinosaurs have been cheerfully stomping around since 1993.

Does this mean that the fourth Jurassic Park movie will take the form of an outsized, thunderously loud retelling of All Creatures Great And Small? Probably not, but it's nice to dream.

Jurassic World is out in UK cinemas on the 25th June 2015. 


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I think this at least tells us that Jurassic World is a 'thing' rather than just the films title. Is Jurassic World the new name given to the rebuilt park? Is it open? Is it gearing up to open? Interesting.

The theory evolving in my head about a Planet of the Apes style us vs them scenario, dashed.

It seems that Jurassic World will be very operational when the movie starts. That could mean The Lost World-like island carnage. InGen is probabbly gone bust after the San Diego Incident, so the company running the park might be Dodgson's Biosyn who where years behind InGen in "Jurassic Park". (It also would be nifty if the Spinosaurus of JPIII, that wasn't on InGen's List, would be a Biosyn prototype. I mean it is weird that the much bigger group in TLW didn't encouter it.)

Looking at that badge, I'm thinking some sort of caretaker organisation. Under a UN mandate or something.

"Jurassic World is out in UK cinemas on the 25th June."

I doubt it as it's still being shot.

I have some hope for this film. Safety Not Guaranteed was very good and it's got writers from that and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Is it weird though? It's still a large island, and presumably the largest predators have territories which are normally maintained (until the Spinosaurus and T-Rex crossed in JPIII). And although the Spinosaurus does apparently follow them in JPIII, it probably wouldn't be normal behaviour for a creature of that size to hunt tiny humans.

25th 2015. Or do you mean that 13 months isn't enough time to finish shooting a film and then getting it ready for release?

Dinosaurs run amok on an island. . .AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?

SO looking forward to this.

It's a fully working open park. The internet has enough evidence to support this. I did make a longer post but the Den of Geek diqus bit censored me...

If you look at my quote, that's the exact copypasta including a full stop. Someone altered it afterwards.

Ah right, if I'd read your comment properly I probably would have realised that's what happened.

I believe the Spinosaurus was located on Isla Nublar (the setting for the first and third films) whereas TLW took place on Isla Sorna, a smaller sister island where most of the "behind-the-scenes" stuff took place. Then again, I am more familiar with the book than the movie for TLW, so I could be crossing wires on that one...

What's with the joke reference to Phil Tippet? He's a god amongst men.

The islands are a lot larger than in the books (which I both read in one week, because awesome). They also support more species than in the books.
Only "Jurassic Park" took place on Isla Nublar and was smaller than Isla Sorna where "The Lost World" and "Jurassic Park III" took place. Sorna was the production facility for the dinosaurs. Nice detail, in "The Lost World" the skipper told the team that Sorna, Nublar and the other islands (yes there are more) are called the Five Deaths. It is never revealed if this means that on the other islands there are still dinosaurs.

Well, if you search for a moment on the web you will find that there is a map of Isla Nublar on (I believe) the JP wiki, on which the routes of the people in TLW and JPIII are mapped. On the map it is revealed that the TLW team was on the west of the island and the JPIII team was on the east. They do come very close to each others routes, meaning that if the Spino was on the island on that moment he may have known there where there, because he apparatly hates T-rexes.

I don't think the UN will bother with the wellbeing of dinosaurs. I think it's just the vet team of JW.

I assume you mean Isla Sorna. And the map I saw didn't show the paths getting at all close (not surprising seeing as you yourself say, one movie was on the east and the other on the west). I don't see why a Spinosaurus hating T-rexs would mean he would know where they were.

Yes, I meant Sorna. My bad.
In JPIII Spino flips when he/she smells T-rex pee, so... Also, the idea that Biosyn dropped a prototype dino to see how it does on the island gives more possible storylines.

Presumably just because it had ventured into the Spinosaurus' territory. So again, there's no reason why in TLW the Spinosaurus wouldn't simply be somewhere on its side of the island and have no knowledge or even care where on the other side of the island the T-Rex was.

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