James Bond clip from Olympics opening ceremony

News Simon Brew 27 Jul 2012 - 23:48

Danny Boyle's ambitious opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics managed to get James Bond escorting The Queen to the games. Here's the clip...

Judging by the reaction on Twitter that we've been reading for the past hour or so, the choice of Danny Boyle to put together the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been a successful one.

One surprise in the midst of it, though, was a specially-filmed James Bond clip, where 007 was seen escorting The Queen to the Olympic Stadium. It starred Daniel Craig, and gave Sony a bit of extra publicity for the upcoming James Bond adventure, Skyfall (which is due in cinemas this coming October).

If you missed it, the clip has popped up online right here..

If that one doesn't work in your country, try this one...

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Is there any YouTube link for the rowan atkinson scene

were they even in the same room???? It looked fake to me and why could the Queen not just say, "Good evening Mr Bond." instead of it being terribly dubbed by what sounded like Jennifer Saunders, even her lips didn't move. My god Her Maj could have put a bit of effort in instead of just being so po-faced and looked like she was enjoying it, hell even the Queen would flirt with James Bond for gods sake. Please Danny Boyle, do not sign up to direct a Bond movie pleeeaaassseee!!!!!

And what the hell has happened to this site??? It had only just been re-vamped a month or two ago and now its changed again.

Were they even in the same room??? It looked fake to me, and why could the Queen not just say , "Good evening Mr Bond". instead of it being very badly dubbed by what sounded like Jennifer Saunders, hell even her lips didn't move. And why was Her Maj so po-faced? She could at least have looked like she was enjoying it, even the Queen would flirt with James Bond for gods sake!!!! Oh and Danny Boyle don' ever ever sign up to direct a Bond film PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!

And what has happened to this site?? it was only up-dated a couple of months ago, why again??

Brilliant stuff! Thanks for the link :)

Was anyone else disappointed about the lack of Doctor Who? I know there was a brief TARDIS sound, but that was it. I mean it is one of the biggest sci-fi shows in the world, and it's very British while also having a large international audience, and all it got was a couple of seconds mixed in with the end of Bo Rap?

I think they really should have cut out the weird dance thing (which had absolutely nothing to do with the UK) with the kid and the bald guy and what I think was supposed to be the sun, and replaced it with a Doctor Who reference.

Another thing I have realised is that the new version of Doctor Who started in the same year London won the Olympic bid and has again become a large part of our culture in the past 7 years, it just seemed to me among the Bond, and the Voldemort and all the other British culture icons there was just something missing, and that the Doctor should have been part of this.

neither link works in australia, one doesn't the other blocked by IOC copyright. Stupid IOC

Links !!!!! Does'nt work in Europe either. Oh they may loose a bit of moneyyyyyy.....

It was a pity the helicopter scene was recording in daylight as it doesn't quite match up to the stadium moment. Better a tighter shot on the reaction of Bond to "the Queen" bailing out. Doctor Who should have been represented much more than just the TARDIS sound in Bohemian Rhapsody. But I suppose Matt Smith was busy working on Doctor Who in Cardiff. Thought the sound effect would lead into The Timelords hit.Would've been better than what they actually played. As a mash-up, frankly, it was a mess, virtually every song was destroyed by clumsy editing except the Sex Pistols and Prodigy and the chronology was all over the place....

Writing this the morning after the official Olympic opening ceremony, and being a cast-iron patriotic British citizen of 72, I have to say that I found the whole thing to be best-classified as "Carry On Olympics"!

Looked at dispassionately, what really happened? First, the organisers run out of security staff and nobody notices until it's too late to do anything but recruit the regular army and some extra regular police to make good the incompetence of G4S. Then we are told that, following this patch-up, there are no more security problems - and a day later an eleven year-old boy simply strolls onto a plane at Manchester Airport and flies to Rome without passport, ticket or bording pass.

Then Mitt Romney voices doubts about Britain's ability to successfully handle the Olympics, causing Boris Johnson and several other well-stuffed shirts to shout him down and say nothing will go wrong - then one of the stuffed shirts, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, rings his brass hand-bell so well that the bell flies off the handle and narrowly misses clonking a bystander.

Then the grand event itself. After the international glory of "the-ground-moved-for-me" China Olympics, what did we see? A few desultory fireworks on the top of Tower Bridge, which was gloriously opened in full colour for a few moments in order to thrill the watching world, a single speedboat with lightbulbs (presumably borrowed from the Blackpool Illiminations) zipping up the Thames with a soggy athlete near the prow clutching the Olympic torch, and possibly chanting mantras that the spray wouldn't extinguish the flame. Anything else? Oh yes, the now second-hand reproduction Tudor rowing barge left over from the Jubillee dinged its dong up and down the river for a bit.

Then London Mayor Boris Johnson was totally unaware that Big Ben had been changed to strike 40 times at 08.12 AM (because it was 12 hours before the 24-hour time would reach 20.12). Mayor Johnson, whose hobby is being a National Buffoon, could not understand why this had happened when he spoke on the phone to BBC Radio 4's "Today" program. The presenter announced "That was Boris Johnson on the phone, who obviously did not know anything about this."

And then we had the glorious spectacle of a flock of sheep, some horses, 10 chickens and a few sheep dogs in the Olympic Stadium. Obviously no expense was spared. Possibly many viewers in Ethiopia were glued to the screen, saying "What a lucky country to have so many sheep!"

And when the Red Arrows arrived, my first knee-jerk reaction was to think "Ah, here come the Syrian team."

My personal verdict of the London Olympic Opening? A Totally and unforgivably pathetic farce, better than a gigantic Monty Python sketch..

That weird dance thing was an interpretive dance of what happened on July 7th in London...so certainly DID have something to do with the UK!

Oh, thank God, I thought I imagined the TARDIS sound! Nobody else I was watching it with heard it, which made my eight-year-old-girl-meeting-Justin-Bieber-squeal extremely embarrassing.

I appear to be the only one who thought the James Bond section was dreadful, cheesy and the queen lowered herself by agreeing to it.

She'd have better off going on the Tardis.

It was a farce. I dont know..people are easily pleased. I agree. It cost 27 million for this. Just the opening. The tribute to the NHS and Great Ormond street took up way too much time. Beckham looked like a smug James Bond Wannabe, J K Rowling is an author, you would think she would have learned to read aloud with passion, and not like a wooden animatronic doll. She was so flat and dull in her delivery. I wounder if she would have been more into it if it was one of her books. Seriously, I have heard people read aloud better than that when I was at school. She put in no effort, and made no attempt to try to bring the scene alive. The music was great, but it was all over the place, Yes Doctor Who should have been shown in it somewhere as everyone in the world must know about it by now. Its probably got something to do with the rights of the show. Mr Bean was embarrassingly bad. It was just stupid, but then Mr Bean has always been stupid. I never understood why Rowan Atkinson went from the clever, witty, cutting word play of Blackadder to doing this. And yet everyone seems to think its great. Its just my own taste I suppose. When it descended into farce, with a BMW German British Mini, I started to get annoyed. They should have used a classic Mini Cooper, but didnt.. Then we get half an hour of multi culture propaganda, with everyone leaping about on mobile phones, which in reality is true because everytime I go outside thats all everyone is doing, using a mobile, on the bus, in the park, in the streets, in the shops...they are all probably still texting in the shower / bath and while having sex these days. So what it said about Britain, in a nut shell, is we used to do a lot of great stuff, invented lots of things, but now all we do is text on mobiles, get drunk and party. Which is true, because the country as a whole is ruined and bankrupt, so what else is there to do? To cap it all BBC1 is off the air for two weeks with blanket coverage of this crap, from 6 AM untill Midnight everyday, with breaks for the news, which will just be full of more news about the Olympics. I just have to get through two weeks and it will be over, so I suggest other people who are fed up with it, do what I am doing, Re watch Doctor Who / Blakes 7 / BattleStar Gallactica / 24 / Falling Skies or some great Films.....and look forward to getting back to normal,and wait for the politicians to realise it cost more for the Olympics than ever, and the debt is even worse, and the recession goes on and people continue to loose their jobs and homes......but hey! You can always text your mates about it on your phone!!

You brainwashed ignorant idiot. What do you know about Ethiopia. Your words don't deserve to be in the internet. Keep them in your filthy mind. You are incabable of respecting others and thier country because you are simply stupid.
Go away.


Neither link works. Seems TPTB decided they can try to keep this from the net and use it to make money instead by selling it. Too bad for them. Guess they have never heard of downloading. Welcome to the 21st century. ;)

And btw, as an American, I am envious of that spectacular opening ceremony. The Brits complaing about this must the "up-tight" stereotype we hear about. Great job GREAT Britain. :)

Yep Having bad times / experiences this year and last in this recesion that no one in government seems to be able to do anything about. Barely able to hang onto my home. Things are a mess and the money thrown about for the Olympics is just salt in the wounds. But I am sorry If I caused offence and brought people down. I just wanted to put a different perspective on it. I just saw a moment ago that there are lots of empty seats today in the first swimming event. You could not make it up. Probably because the tickets are so expensive, or the quangos in charge have not managed to shift them. Anyway I am going to watch the Tremors films tonight and have a beer and chill. I am then going to ignore Tv until the big O is all over. Peace.

Well, I just posted you a YouTube link, but it says waiting for moderation. Jeez.

How long since I made that comment? That's how long it took me to find a download of the opening ceremonies from the BBC. Watching it now. Welcome to the 21st century. Time to evolve or die. LOL! ;)

I agree about the lack of Doctor Who...I appreciate that Matt, Karen, Athur and everyone working on Doctor Who is super busy at the mo' but after all that guff about 'represtenting British culture', you'd think they'd put in a bit more of Britan's most succsesful televsion show than a second of the TARDIS noise.

The Doctor ran the torch through Cardiff! I think it's on YouTube, you know. Not sure how much more respectful you can get. No TV actor should light the cauldron. That would be insulting to the world. That's like replacing Matt Smith at all the conventions with David Beckham. Absurd, isn't it? That being said, I think all Who fans would have liked more. But, at least we got something. That's more than we would have gotten, say, eight years ago... ;)

Well I obviously didn't interpret it very well then

My my Addy, you need to take stress tablets. What do I know about Ethiopia? I worked there for eleven years from 1972 until 1983 doing geological surveys, and my sympathy for the long-suffering people of that nation is unbounded. I suggest you learn what you are talking about. There's an old saying which might help you grow up - "Ensure brain is in gear before engaging mouth" (or in your case, keyboard). I'm very glad that I don't have your blood pressure, or, come to that, your envious knee-jerk reactions to adults. Don't forget to let everyone know when you finally leave school.

"Like the poor kids from there would actually be jumping on the beds."

Many of the children taking part were actually patients.

Reading the below comments, I'm ashamed to be a geek.
The opening ceremony was a remarkable spectacle and really conveyed the spirit of "britishness"
Its the small minded, limited thinking seen on this page that gives geeks a bad name.
What a sad and lonely bunch you must be, get out and engage with the world.
I could go on, but I can't be bothered. Honestly, you're not worth it.

Jeez... there's a lot of in-depth critique about the ceremony on here.The ceremony was quintessentially British, featuring the industrial revolution, women's rights, the digital age, the NHS, famous literature, a boatload of humour, and certainly the most amazing Olympic cauldron I've ever seen. It was quality, and Danny Boyle should be commended.

A doctor who section was apparently to be shown but had to be cut due to the length of time it took for all the teams to be paraded!

here here!

i think what addy was trying to say was that your opinion was a bit overly-negative. sure a couple bits were a bit naff, but overall it was really good. there is no need to be so scathing

Does this make the Queen an official Bond girl now? ;)

Thank you, see folks ........... our American cousins get it.

agreed with what you said. especially about the NHS tribute taking up far too much of it.

Absolutely. I thought it was wonderful!

To all those who say certain parts didn't quite hit the right note - try to understand that the ceremony was designed to showcase Britain to the WHOLE WORLD not just a minority of UK based Doctor Who fans who (for reasons I can't begin to understand) expected to see Matt Smith turn up. You whiners are everything that's wrong with Britain - be a bit more patriotic and have some pride in your country!

this was by far the best bit of the ceremony

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