New episode lands of Dredd sequel webseries, Cursed Edge

Viral Video Simon Brew
28 Apr 2014 - 06:32

The unofficial Dredd spin-off webseries has its second episode. And while we wait for Dredd 2 news, you can see it here...

Whilst the campaign for a Dredd movie sequel continues - added by the excellent work being done by the Dredd Sequel team - Oliver Hollingdale is one of those finding another way to demonstrate ongoing enthusiasm for such a project. He's just completed episode two of his webseries, Cursed Edge. This is an unofficial series set within the world of Dredd, and it has an ambition far beyond what you may be expecting from such a project.

We've popped the first episode down below in case you missed it. But here, with congratulations to all concerned, is Prog 2 of Cursed Edge...

And here's Prog 1...

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