Doctor Who baking products launched

News Simon Brew 11 Jul 2013 - 07:40

We don't make this up: a new range launches, to help Doctor Who fans who want to make us cakes...

There's no shortage of goodies heading to shops in time for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this coming November. But here's a collection that catches a pivotal intersection of geekism: baking, and Doctor Who. If ever you needed an invitation to make geeky cakes and send them to us, this is surely it.

Because Lakeland, that posh-ish shop that sells things of a cooking nature, has announced that it's going to be selling a collection of Doctor Who cooking products. And they're heading to stores shortly.

Specifically, you'll be able to get your hands on:

* 24 Dalek cupcake wraps and toppers (£9.99)
* TARDIS Cupcake Kit (£9.99)
* Cake decorating kit (£4.99)
* Cake pan (£12.99)
* 6-piece dusting set (£3.49)
* Tardis chocolate mould (£4.99)
* Dalek cake mould (£16.99)
* 50 dalek cupcake cases (£2.99)
* Dalek cake stand (£7.99)
* Cookie cutters (£4.99 each set)
* 20 napkins (£2.99)
* 12 paper plates (£3.99)
* Garland (£6.99)
* Ice cube tray (£4.99)
* 24 straws (£2.99)

We'd hate you to think that the whole point of this story was to try and get you all to make some nice baked products for us, but do not let us dissuade you. We shall buy ourselves a Dalek cake stand just on the off chance. Here's the range....

We feel a Den Of Geek cooking competition coming on...

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Finally something Whoish that Andrew Scott should be involved with. Selling these stupid things on a shopping channel is just right for him.

FFS! Maybe the BBC should be more concerned with the quality of the the show, instead of pushing cheap merchandise.

I have lost count as to how many people have emailed, tweeted and FBed me this in the last 24 hours. Obviously, as it combines two of my most favourite things, I will have no choice but to purchase most, if not all, of it. =)

I'm starting to make cupcakes, and that Dalek cupcake case is something I kind of like. I kind of love this idea. It's stupid, but in a nice way.
Now stop selling stuff and go back to write something good to make up for that irregular last season, creators.
Thank you.

Yes, Steven Moffat has rushed off the Christmas special so he can have more time to hand craft cookie cutters. Oh sorry, were you auditioning for the Twelfth Doctor? I was too busy designing napkins.

Love it. But why is it so expensive?!

Here I was, thinking I could never eat a dalek. Dreams really do come true.

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