Anyone fancy a Doctor Who TARDIS vending machine?

News Simon Brew 5 Mar 2013 - 06:40

There are soft drink vending machines. And then there are soft drink vending machines in the form of a TARDIS...

Can we be the first to say here: we want one.

Epic Comics has revealed its latest piece of work, which you can find in the firm's store in Florida. It's a TARDIS vending machine, which the firm has built. There are different drinks for each Doctor available from the unit, with Tom Baker getting you a Mountain Dew, and David Tennant being your go-to guy for a Pepsi.

Our next challenge to the store will be a confectionary vending machine, so we can get our mits on Tom Baker's Jelly Babies.

We're guessing there's just one of these in existence at the moment, but if it ever wanted to materialise somewhere near where we're sitting, that'd be just dandy. A Doctor Who coffee machine, that made the TARDIS sound while making you a cup of caffeine, would go one better...

Epic Comics.

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.75c for can of drink? God bless America.

It's been years since I've seen them that cheap over here (in the US), at least for general public use.

Its obvious someone very clever has built a police box around an (based on the price of the pop) older vending machine.

No diet pepsi? pah

I can't decide which product placement is the lamest...

I hope that company paid the BBC the pertinent royalties...

Sorry, but God turned into the Master a long time ago... about 30 or 40, depending on your point of view, and he goes right on regenerating... once every 4 or 8 years...

Saving that for Colin Baker

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