Doctor Who: fancy an official TARDIS PC?

News Simon Brew 11 Dec 2012 - 12:49

Fancy a desktop PC, built into a (not actual size) replica of the TARDIS?

If you're still looking for some Yuletide inspiration, then you might want to cast your eyes in the direction of this creation from Scan Computers. It's been developed in conjunction with the BBC, and is a fully working computer, built into a TARDIS case. Our favourite bit about it? That'd probably be the disc tray popping out of the top of it. We like that.

It's not the cheapest computer you'll ever buy, with the price coming in at just shy of £1000. But clearly an awful lot of work has gone into this, as you can see over at Scan's website, where it details how the build came together. 45 individual pieces of brushed aluminium are used in the construction of each TARDIS case, and the details are exact, right down to the Pantone colour used to paint it with.

Here are some pictures of the computer itself. And you can find out more at Scan, here.

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Yeah, that's brilliant!

But I wouldn't fancy it, as I fear TARDIS PC's are to girls what cloves of garlic are to vampires, you know?

It is, of course, awesome.. BUT, as my man Wesley says below, I'd like to have sex again at some point in my life.

I'm a girl and a Who fan and I can assure both you boys that Whovian girls (of which I am familiar with many) will probably find this endearingly awesome.

Now the time I found a life-sized cut out of Amy Pond in a guy's room...that was intimidating...

Depends on the girl. That's one sexy machine.

As a 29 year old woman I'd have one if I had the money and could train my pppy not to chew it. Oh and Ive given a life size Amy Pond to a friend. Also had a brilliant time at the Dr Who experience a few weeks ago, my husband had to drag me out before I bought anything else...
I just wish my husband like Dr Who...

I'd rather have an external hard drive case in the shape of the TARDIS...anyone know where I could get one?

Find an episode to convert him with. The show varies so much, there's bound to be something. The Gambon Christmas Carol episode was perfect for my wife and I'm slowly guiding her through the Matt Smith episodes now. It'll be a bit of work to skip backward in time to Doctors 10, 9, 8, and so on, rather than forward, but if the Doctor can do it, why can't we?

Shame it comes with Windows pre-installed.

I always use Blink to convert non-fans - works every time.

Oddly enough, tried that with my brother-in-law and it left him quite cold.

I kept one in my finacees house... she wasn't much a fan of it, but it was a Christmas present, what could I do? ;)

Other OSes are available, and all of today's PCs run Intel CPU, it's not hard to get Linux, FreeBSD, or other variants installed...

That's cute, but I'm spending more money on useless things like college right now... bless the economy...

That activity is overrated and leads only to heartache or a disease (even fatal ones). It's not worth it, and what do you get in return apart from all that?

I am aware of that, but why pay for an OS that I wouldn't use?

He actually hates David Tennant and his favourite Dr was No 9. There is no converting him. It does make me laugh that his best friend loves Dr Who and even gave me a sonic screwdriver wii remote last Christmas

My favourite episode

Nuts. At you least you tried, right?

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