Den of Eek!: a call for spooky story writers

News Den Of Geek 16 Aug 2012 - 06:38

We've got an event coming up in November, and we want to showcase some new talent. Details here...

Are you an up-and-coming writer? Can you tell us a spooky story that’ll give us goosebumps? Want to show off your storytelling skills? Then we’ve got an opportunity for you…

On Tuesday 27 November, if all goes to plan, we’ll be gathering together some of the best storytellers we can get our hands on in a central London venue to give us their version of a ghost story – and you could be one of them. Since we know you lot are a creative bunch, we’ve put aside a couple of slots on the night to showcase new talent.

To get involved, here’s what you need to do: write a 500 word ghost story, and email it to us at We’ll pick our favourites, and invite the writers to come to the event to read their tale. You’ll need to be free on the evening of 27 November, be able to get to central London, and willing to get up and read your story. (We can help with travel expenses, and we’ll even buy you a drink into the bargain!)

We’ll be announcing more details about this event, including speakers and ticket availability, very soon, so watch this space!

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Is there a deadline for sending in the story? I'm quite interested... :)

I've got two questions - does it have to involve ghosts or do you mean just tell a scary story and how violent can the story be? PG13 or R rated?

Yes, it has to be a ghost story - though how you interpret 'ghosts' is up to you. The venue is for over 18s only, so no worries on that count. (Although... the use of US ratings worries me a bit, you will need to be able to be in London on the night to read the story!)

No official deadline but it's probably best to aim to get your story in by the end of October.

Tnx :) Might fly in from Belgium for the night, if I can obtain a ticket.

Do you want the submission in the body of the email, or as an attachment? Thanks.

Either way works! (As long as you don't send it in some wilfully obscure format. A .doc or .rtf is fine, or just plain text in the body of the email.)

I've been thinking about writing a ghost story for some time now. I've done the required reading (MR James, Sheridan Le Fanu, Algernon Blackwood, Susan Hill etc) so perhaps it's finally time for me to get some prose down...

These 500 words... should they be "exactly 500 words", "no more than 500 words" or "approximately 500 words give or take a few either side"?

As close as you can get - the two I've read so far were bang on, but a few over or under shouldn't be a problem.

Is there an age limit to this?

You'll need to be over 18 to get into the venue, so unfortunately, I guess there is.

Drats! just finished attempt number one and it's just over 1000 words - but I like it so much I can't bring myself to edit it down. Ho hum - back to the scribbling pad.

I'll give it a go. I've not tried an outright spooky story before, I always descend into self-mockery before the end!

Darn, I wrote, polished, and was in the process of getting people to proofread my story, when I realised I'm due to appear in panto on November 27th...

Submitted - bang on 500! Hurray!

Sending off my entry tonight. I tend to stick short stories on my blog. If I did this with my entry, would it affect my chances at all, or are you not bothered? (Asked this on twitter, but am aware it may be someone different running that to this).

When are those of us who submitted a story likely to hear back?

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