Is this the longest end of part one moment ever?

Viral Video Den Of Geek 26 Feb 2014 - 12:52

From the depths of ITV's archives comes an end-of-part-one clip from Coronation Street, and an awkward moment for actress Helen Worth...

We don't get to talk about British TV soap Coronation Street very often on Den Of Geek, but here's a good excuse as any: a fabulously awkward moment from a long, long time ago in a decade long gone.

In case you're unfamiliar, the show would often pause for a few moments to allow time for a commercial break. During that period, the actors would stop dramatically while the words "End of part one" materialised on the screen. A tricky thing to do at the best of times, actress Helen Worth (who plays Gail Platt, née Potter, Tilsley, Platt and Hillman) was given the unenviable task of holding her hand up to the camera for what feels like an eternity.

Take a look for yourself - it's glorious:

Thanks to Keith Andrew and Gareth Roberts for posting this wonderful TV moment on Facebook.

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That is fab. All it really needs is Nordberg pouring coffee down himself in the background

Wonderful. Acorn Antiques style.

Gail Tilsley and Samara from The Ring - seperated at birth.

Anyone else get the feeling they were winding her up, trying to see how long she could go without moving or blinking?
"Aw drat, she blinked. Okay, cut to adverts!"

I dunno why they would've done that, unless it was one of the rare live episodes.

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