Must see: have you seen the Batman street preacher?

News Simon Brew
1 Jun 2012 - 11:23

“He sacrificed his only sidekick, Robin, for you”. When one man took to the streets to preach the word of Batman…

Oh, this is fun. Many of us have walked past people preaching on the street before. But have you ever seen one dressed in a Batman mask, preaching the word of the Bat?

That’s what happened on the streets of Birmingham here in the UK. A man put on his outfit, took to the middle of the busiest shopping stretch in the city, and took the word of the Bat to the people.

Choice moment? “Do not believe in Clooney. For he is a false prophet”.

You do have to say, though, that the people of Birmingham don’t look too impressed with the Gotham Street Preacher. You have to admire the man’s commitment, though…

Thanks to Anne Smart for the heads up!

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