Must see: have you seen the Batman street preacher?

News Simon Brew 1 Jun 2012 - 11:23

“He sacrificed his only sidekick, Robin, for you”. When one man took to the streets to preach the word of Batman…

Oh, this is fun. Many of us have walked past people preaching on the street before. But have you ever seen one dressed in a Batman mask, preaching the word of the Bat?

That’s what happened on the streets of Birmingham here in the UK. A man put on his outfit, took to the middle of the busiest shopping stretch in the city, and took the word of the Bat to the people.

Choice moment? “Do not believe in Clooney. For he is a false prophet”.

You do have to say, though, that the people of Birmingham don’t look too impressed with the Gotham Street Preacher. You have to admire the man’s commitment, though…

Thanks to Anne Smart for the heads up!

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Still less crazy than Scientology.

Couldn't hear it all clearly, but think they missed a trick not referencing 'Watchtower'.

As religions go, it makes a lot of sense...


As a Christian it annoys me to see street evangelists who preach damnation - I walk on by with everyone else hoping that I will not be tarred with the same brush as the crazy shouty man. Now it has invaded the geek side of my life too!

I am convinced.

unrelentingly shite

I'm from Birmingham! Walk right along that spot every day and I missed this guy!?!?!

Epic man...

Paul, I am a devout pagan (a Wiccan), but I find myself agreeing with you in principle, because every person's faith is their own personal testament to shine upon their life and the way they should live it, whereas this "Batman Preacher", whilst superficially amusing, is actually insulting and belittling ALL sincerely held religious beliefs and all those people who hold them. One wonders what would have happened if the Batman Preacher had based his act on Islam instead?

Aging Hippy - It's nice that two people from supposedly opposing belief systems have a common ground! I am sure that you, as much as I, would like to see as many people as possible be persuaded that what you believe is correct, but whether Wicca, Christian or Geek, standing on a street corner and yelling at people about how they are wrong is only going to alienate them.

This guy may be doing it for a laugh - in which case he has a sorely misguided sense of humour because it made me chuckle at first, but ultimately it saddened me for him - or he may be serious in which case he needs to get a life - there are many things more important in life than the merits of Batman.

Don't get me wrong - I love Batman, along with Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Firefly, LOTR, Alien, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, X-Men et al - and will argue their case - frequently well reasoned, often passionately, always respectfully - but in this endeavour, whichever angle you view it from, I just cannot see the logical explanation.

Unless... he's doing it for a bet.

this man is, quite literally, a manic street preacher

What a guy...

 Amen to that, Paul. The one thing in the entire human sphere which ought not to be limited by any manmade divisions causing hatred, violence, warfare, terrorism, cynicism or insult, is religion. One's own personal faith - whatever it may be - should be nurtured to become a healing gateway joining all people together in the pure appreciation of something divine that transcends petty human strife and attitudes. It does not matter what that "divine something" is, or what name it carries, or how one chooses to honour it. What matters is that it has the potential to make us better people. Instead, it is used to make us worse people, by valuing that very same base nature of human weakness that infected most of us in the junior playground - "My gang's better than your gang, and if you disagree we'll bash you up!" This manic street Bat-preacher is not helping anyone - he is a symptom of the very illness he seeks to cure.

I don't know much about Wicca as a religion but I know it gets tarred with the 'wicked witch' brush and it is not so much about magic, as shows like Buffy would have us believe, but more about a natural balance and I am sure a part of that includes doing good by your fellow man. In the same way with Christianity, many people think it's all about a set of rules which must be followed, and that is a part of it, but not the be all and end all - I try to take my example from Christ himself who put people first even if it meant he seemed to be breaking those rules (in the eyes of the very pedantic who also misunderstood them). His teaching was essentially that all ten of the commandments boil down to 'Love your God' and 'Love people' - a worthy set of rules for any religion.

Just a bunch of made up stuff.. like all religions. Really, in this day and age people still believe in mythical gods!? Pah. Batmanism will rule.

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