A video of a cat dressed as Bane

Viral Video Simon Brew 4 Apr 2014 - 07:30

Tom Hardy's Bane, from The Dark Knight Rises, reimagined in feline form. You're welcome.

Look, it's Friday. If you can't post a video of a cat's take on Tom Hardy's Bane from The Dark Knight Rises on a Friday, when else are you supposed to it?

We've go not analytical insight to offer here, nor do we have some deep justification for posting this. Instead, it just made us laugh. A lot. The cat's commitment to the role could teach many modern day actors a thing or two.

Here's the video. Feel free to tell us that we've lost our mind in the comments. And have a lovely Friday!

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I saw this et other day and love it! So funny.

That has made my day!!!!!!!!

There is now tea all over the screen and keyboard of my laptop! Worth it!!!

Amazing. This is what the internetz was built for!

It would be funny if not for the clearly obese cat. These are not responsible pet owners so no I'm not impressed at all.

Do you say that whenever you say see a fat kid in a video as well? You can't enjoy videos featuring them as well? Or are cats more important than kids?

Well, too bad for you if you didn't enjoy it.

Hey I actually take offense to your stupid comment. I have two cats and one of the two is fat, they eat the same amount every day and he's just bigger than the other. So in your "expert" opinion is I'm a bad pet owner. However I went to school for vet tech and probably know more about animals than you and yet I'm a bad pet owner. Yeah you're argument is so valid...

Ps. I'm also certified in animal first aid which means I'd probably save your pet better or before you so yeah enough blind hatred pal, cause I'd do the same thing as this guy. The cat obviously doesn't mind being dressed like that so stop being a herb and enjoy the video.

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