Might we ask of you a small favour?

21 Jan 2014 - 10:03

A heartfelt request, in letter form, to readers of this site. Accompanied by Bouncer from Neighbours.

Dear the fine, lovely, wonderful, warm and witty readers of this site,

It's a Den Of Geek tradition that every time we deliver news about the site to you, or ask for something, that we try and bribe you by accompanying the story with a low-resolution picture of someone from Neighbours. It's a picture you can freely find yourself, of course, so we're aware just how tame this gesture is. But you can't blame us for trying.


Since we first started Den Of Geek all the way back in 2007, we've kept up a very proud record in losing any editorial awards that we've ever been nominated for. We've not helped ourselves, granted, by urging people to vote for other sites over us in the past. Yet more than once, we've hired some ill-fitting posh clothes, sat in an even posher room, and watched as someone else got to drink the champagne, whilst we consoled ourselves with the can of Cream Soda we smuggled in, to avoid paying high London bar prices. £4 for a pint? Tsk.

However, might we ask, on this one occasion, a small favour?

One of the shiniest, most vital and wonderful cogs of Den Of Geek is Mr Ryan Lambie. The same Mr Ryan Lambie who, er, we've not told about this post yet. If you could keep it from him, we'd be obliged. For the man works really hard, and we think he's really rather good too. As it turns out that he's now been nominated for some gongage. And if you were so inclined, we wondered if you might lend him your vote. Well, give him your vote really, but it sounds more polite if we say lend.

Ryan has been nominated for Blogger Of The Year by the UK Film Distributor's Association. We've stocked up on Cream Soda for the day, but if you wanted to allow him just the merest sniff of champagne, you can vote for him here: http://www.moviepreviewnetwork.com/awards/blogger-of-the-year. Obviously don't vote for him if you think the others are better. But if you're as fond of the Lambie as we are, your support would be appreciated. Voting closes tomorrow.

We'd like to sign this post off with something substantive, that proves that we wouldn't just put this whole piece together to encourage support for our esteemed colleague. But that'd be a lie. So we can't.

Instead, can we just say thank you, and wonder if you too remember the Neighbours episode when Bouncer got his own dream sequence. No? We're not making this up...

Thank you. We like you.

With love,

Your caffeinated chums at Den Of Geek

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