A brief letter to readers of this site

News Den Of Geek 23 Dec 2013 - 07:14

Nothing important. Just explaining that we won't be about as much over the next two weeks or so...

Dear the fine readers of Den Of Geek,

Well, if you can't write a self-indulgent letter at Christmas, when else are you supposed to do it? Hopefully, our self-indulgence will be cunningly disguised by us posting a low-resolution picture of Mrs Mangel from Neighbours at the top there. Did it work? Please tell us it did.

A few things, then.

Firstly, thank you. It's been a bit of a year for us at Den Of Geek, mainly for good reasons, and that so many of you tolerate us, and tolerate us regularly, is genuinely much appreciated. It may sound mawkish and stuff, but we owe you fine people a lot. We're not quite sure why you choose us over the multitude of other websites who do this sort of stuff, but crikey, we're glad that you do. You keep us in coffee, and that is no small gift that you bestow upon us. Thank you again.

Did you know that the actress who played Mrs Mangel was from Britain, by the way? 

Secondly, now we've been nice to you, we can tell you about how we're taking a sort-of break over Christmas. Hopefully, you're still blinded by the warm fuzzy feeling from the paragraph above to hold it against us. That, or by our Mrs Mangel trivia (we strongly suspect a good 50% of you have no idea who we're talking about...)

Between now and 3rd January, we're going to be reducing the amount of stuff that appears on the site, as we intend to drink coffee, play board games, and have serious discussions about the cultural significance of beards on 1970s culture. We will be very mature, as facial hair demands. 

However, we're not disappearing altogether. We've got assorted film and television stuff planned, just not as much as usual. Also, we should give you a heads up: we're not going to have our usual Doctor Who review on Christmas Day. There's nothing sinister there: we just weren't one of those allowed early access this time. Furthermore, we'll have consumed three times our own bodyweight by Christmas Day evening, and don't anticipate being in much state to write about anything. The review will likely follow on Boxing Day. We'll have a regeneration to recover from, after all.

Er, are you still talking to us?

So then. We'd better wrap this letter up, as we're already pushing our luck. On behalf of all of the team here at Den Of Geek, and we like to think on behalf of Nell Mangel too, have a lovely Christmas and a terrific 2014. May your festive season be full of goodness, happiness, caffeine and Haribo sweets.

And - seriously - thanks so much for all your support. It means a lot.

The Den Of Geek team

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Thanks for all the good stuff this year and even you peeps living in the Internet deserve some time off over xmas eat drink and be merry be good (well good-ish)

May I be one of the first to complain about this? You know that someone will....

Been a user of the site since dial-up days and you guys do a bang-up job - love the mixture of news, reviews and sometimes just plain silly stuff. Also the comments sections this year had become more of a good natured forum than ever - in a time when the trend on the interweb is more towards bitterness & trolling (IMO)

Merry Christmas and all that!

Thank you guys for the wonderfull year. You are so much more than a movie site. Have a great holidays!!!

Ah, Den of Geek - the site that spawns so many ridiculously wasted work mornings! You are the first site I visit in the morning as my eyes slowly open and the caffeine begins to kick in, and my most trusted venue for reviews and opinions throughout the day (and indeed the year). I'm slowly converting the Good Lady Wife: When she asks why we are watching new geek show on the googlebox, I can confidently point her at the supporting preview DoG has been running with for ages - bless you! So, Merry Christmas to one and all at DoG Towers (Having met a few of you at various quizzes, I'm sure you should be kept in towers. Not locked, mind you, that'd just be cruel). May all your cracker screwdriver sets be sonic, your jumpers be festive and reindeer-y, and your Christmas pizza delivery be Santa's favourite: Deep pan, crisp and even. See you in the new year! (This message was sponsored by The RichieC and Andrew Scott Appreciation Fund)

"Also, we should give you a heads up: we're not going to have our usual Doctor Who review on Christmas Day. There's nothing sinister there: we just weren't one of those allowed early access this time."

Well now, this is an absolute scandal, especially since you were one of the few places on the web that got the article on The Night of the Doctor right, so glad I found your article first because I had absolutely no idea you know who was in it. Your article cleverly had me looking in completely the wrong direction, so well done.

Happy Christmas to all you fine fellows at Den Of Geek, and everyone down here in the Disqus 'cheap seats'.
I truly hope you all have a great one.

Nice to see I get top billing above Andrew Scott :-)

I had a sixth form teacher who looked like Mrs Mangel. We always tried to get her to say Mr Bishop. Merry Christmas kids

Thanks to DoG for all the brilliant articles and the fact that they actually interact with their audience. This is such a fantastic site. Thanks for all your work.

And to you, RichieC. If ever we get to interview Andrew Scott again...

Quite right too, everyone deserves a rest over Christmas! Merry Christmas to all the team.

Merry Christmas Simon, Ryan and the rest of the gang!

And thanks for letting me be part of your "bit of a year".

You're one of the best sites I read from. Insightful, humorous, and mindful of us spoiler-phobes. Have a lovely Holiday!

Who on earth is Mrs Mangel??

Happy Christmas all. So you did not get an invitation to an early screening? Huh. I wonder why not - that was really boring of someone not to invite you. Oh well, I shall read the review on Boxing Day!

Love the site, plenty of sense, plenty of wit, plenty of geek - much appreciated. Enjoy the hols and all the best for 2014.

there are other sites? ;)

I feel like something's not quite right if I haven't checked this site every morning!

Merry Christmas!

"We're not quite sure why you choose us over the multitude of other websites who do this sort of stuff..."
For my part it's because the reviews are insightful, balanced and well-written, with plenty of credit for talent where credit's due; there's a lot of coverage of the shows and movies I love best; and by no means least, that the tone in the comments section is by and large very positive.
By some freak occurrence, your holiday downtime coincides exactly with mine! So enjoy your Christmases and good luck with those board games. (Hint: I find it was usually Colonel Mustard).

Thanks to you Paul - yours was my favourite article all year!

Merry everything everyone! And especially the Den of Geek team - this is one if the few genuine must-read sites, and I never miss a day, from the first caffeine-fuelled tweet onwards.

DoG is funny, informative, clever and - a rarity - sensible, with zero tolerance for trolls. I'm greatly looking forward to spending 2014 in your company!

Nell Mangel is an 80s legend!

Mother to Joe, grandmother to Jane and thorn in the side to most other residents of Ramsay Street!

Joe? Jane?? Ramsay Street??? So what planet are we on for this?

"Neighbours". In the mid 80s to early 90s it was up their with Dallas as one of the most watched Soaps in the world.

Thank you for your generous missive, and a very merry Christmas to everyone at Geek Towers, and to all those who make the comments section one of the most good-natured and stimulating on these 'ere t'Interwebs. Cthulhu bless us, every one.

Merry xmas to you one and all!

Merry Christmas from across the pond! Thanks also to so many from this site for making Ron's, his beard's, and my trip to London perfect. We only met you once, but we miss you often :).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Here's looking forward to a geek-filled 2014. And as Tiny Tim would say "God Bless us everyone!"....unless your an agnostic in which case "May your belief system support you in this festive period".

Cheers, all. Hope you have a good one!

Well, I am aware of them, but can boast to never having watched either!

Hear, hear!

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for bringing us interesting news all year, and such thoughtful, intelligent commentary on the media which matters to us.

Put your feet up. You deserve it!

So because it's not something you're not interested in then the people who do know about it are on another planet.

Shame on you - a geek, more than most, ought to know better than saying that kind of thing!

As you well know, and as Chrome likes to remind me daily, I value this site more than my own emails and nearly as much as Facebook. It's an absolute pleasure to be part of it, especially as such a high percent of the internet has fallen prey to trolls and nasties, this really is the home of good-willed geekdom. Live long and prosper DoG, and have a well earned Christmas rest! x


I find the site thanks to the great reaction you had to the new MJ pictures ridiculousness and now here you are writing lovely letters practically apologising for wanting to have break over Christmas.

Nice cuddly site, nice cuddly people, enjoy your break.

Even when playing Monopoly?

Aww you guys!

Merry Christmas DoG guys & girls and a fantastic new year.

Err ... no! Shame on me for having a sense of humour, shame I say!! Not funny? Probably not. That probably worked better in my head than writing here, as Clara would say. No offense meant at all to any watcher of any show that I do not watch.

Merry Christmas DoG people (I was going to call you DoGers, but that looks wrong). Thanks for all your work in 2013, and looking forward to reading your site in 2014

A Merry Christmas to all you fine ladies and gentleman who write for the site. Your articles and reviews never cease to be funny, detailed, intelligent and downright entertaining. Have fun with your board games and beards, and I look forward to seeing what you will bring to 2014.

Happy holidays, and just so y'all know, I may be on the left side of the pond, but I prefer the British site over denofgeekUS. None of my favorite commenters over here. Just robbish, ducky

Especially when playing Monopoly... Mustard is the elder sibling of the Monopoly guy and the Pringles chap. He's always been a bit bitter about not being the lone face of Cluedo so he cheats at every available opportunity, you see.
Don't let the treacherous swine be the banker.

ESPECIALLY when playing D&D.


God, Mrs Mangel, as soon as I red her name I remembered her. How old am I

God, Mrs Mangel. As soon as I read the name I remembered her. How old am I

Have a great Christmas all at DOG and my fellow Disqus peeps. I suppose every one deserves a bit of time off.

Merry Christmas lads. You deserve the break. I really should try and contribute again some time soon but spend more time reading this site than I'd spend writing for it ;)

I've only discovered this site in the last few months and have made a point of visiting it every day. Love what you guys are doing so thank you and have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks for the site. Looking forward to your articles every day.

Mrs Mangel? Thanks for making me feel old, DoG.

Merry Christmas DoG! Thank you for being a big entertainment site that writes with humour and fun rather than just spouting press release trash. I salute you, Simon and co.

Happy Christmas from somewhere across the Atlantic. For those of us here who regret the decision of certain ne'er-do-wells to disassociate from the mother country, being able to keep abreast of important, nay essential cultural news is a lovely thing. Have a lovely break and a fantastic new year.

Thanks for a great year's entertainment - an eclectic mix of geekness...the Doctor Who, Star Wars & retro gaming articlles are highlights for me (any chance of having the SHIELD & Apprentice reviews back?).

Why you? Quality free content, great bant of the fora and largely unobtrusive advertising.

Merry Christmas all.

How dare you have time off over the festive period? You've ruined Christmas forever!... FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Best geek/nerd/passionate about movies/tv website out there, thank you guys for your wonderful, well informed and articulate reviews and articles. Keep up the good work, see y'all in 2014!

This site is most definitely above average so I give it a score of 3 stars out of 5 ;-)

Merry Christmas to my favourite 'geek' destination on the interweb!

Thanks DoG for a great year. Have a good one. Nay have an excellent one.

What a thoughtful post. You wouldn't get that from Empire Online. Merry Crimbo.

A very Merry Christmas to all of you too and a very Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to you all. I love your reviews even when I disagree with them! You are simply the best!

I have no idea why you're the first site I check in the morning, and the last I check at night.

But you are.

Long live DoG.

Having only found this site relatively recently while trying to find honest reviews of Atlantis (thank you, by the way for saving me a lot of wasted Saturdays!) it's now become my most read site - nice to have all the TV shows and movies I like in one place, and especially nice to find a troll free forum! Happy Christmas all.

Mrs Mangel's name was Nell?!

Don't forget Bouncer.

This website is fantastically managed and very accessible for fans of many different things. Truly my favourite website for all things TV and film, long may Den of Geek continue!

and his unforgettable dream sequence!

Love the Den.

You have all OUR gratitude and respect, DoG! Take whatever time you need to enjoy the holidays, you've earned it. Sad that you couldn't make it into the early screening though. Time to write an ANGRY Mangel letter...

relax mate, not everybody grew up in the 80's watching that woman chill the bones of kids across the world. Youthful humour, not disrespect seems to be the intent here.

Den is Den.

I must be very late to this discussion, but I feel the need to say that, after having only become a regular reader in the last 6 months, and only very recently plucked up the courage to share my not very insightful opinions on all things geek, you more than deserve a few weeks with your feet up. You are the first site I visit in a morning, spending a good 20 minutes at least perusing your latest golden nuggets of geekdom. I don't always agree with the gist of your reviews, but for insightfully well written pieces by people who obviously love what they are doing you are second to none. As for the hidden gems feature you have been running for a good couple of months now, the delight I take at having seen one is palpable, and my watchlist has grown immensely, as I truly trust your opinions. What I am trying to say is, thank you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Maybe I'll be braver and post more in 2014!!!

Nell could be quite sharp when she wanted to be but underneath the façade she had a heart of gold.

In the absence of the DW review then, I shall say here that I was a bit disappointed with tonight's episode. I thought it was surprisingly lacking, which isn't fair for Mr Smith. Not the best story, and I always grown inwardly whenever prosthetic ageing makes and appearance. That all sounds rather negative I know; of course I still largely enjoyed it and I'm properly back in love with the show again, but it felt like a bit of a deflation after the magnificent trilogy of Name/Night/Day of the Doctor.

So did I most underwhelming regen ever, and what is with Clara? Boring is not the word I would choose. There were moments that shone but Moffat presents yet another Christmas snoozefest.

yeah, I thought her first name was "Mrs" too!

I'll take this moment to say that I come to you because I normally 100% agree with your opinions on pretty much everything. Every review, every good thing to watch... Your Doctor Who and Breaking Bad coverage in particular is amazing. Happy Xmas Den of Geek!

Me too. Really appreciated that

Hope All at Den of Geek have a great break and come back strong in 2014. You are the best site on for reviews of films, games, tv and comic books. ;-)

The Den is a daily must read item. Top marks from myself and err, thanks for all the fish?!

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