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23 Dec 2013 - 07:14

Nothing important. Just explaining that we won't be about as much over the next two weeks or so...

Dear the fine readers of Den Of Geek,

Well, if you can't write a self-indulgent letter at Christmas, when else are you supposed to do it? Hopefully, our self-indulgence will be cunningly disguised by us posting a low-resolution picture of Mrs Mangel from Neighbours at the top there. Did it work? Please tell us it did.

A few things, then.

Firstly, thank you. It's been a bit of a year for us at Den Of Geek, mainly for good reasons, and that so many of you tolerate us, and tolerate us regularly, is genuinely much appreciated. It may sound mawkish and stuff, but we owe you fine people a lot. We're not quite sure why you choose us over the multitude of other websites who do this sort of stuff, but crikey, we're glad that you do. You keep us in coffee, and that is no small gift that you bestow upon us. Thank you again.

Did you know that the actress who played Mrs Mangel was from Britain, by the way? 

Secondly, now we've been nice to you, we can tell you about how we're taking a sort-of break over Christmas. Hopefully, you're still blinded by the warm fuzzy feeling from the paragraph above to hold it against us. That, or by our Mrs Mangel trivia (we strongly suspect a good 50% of you have no idea who we're talking about...)

Between now and 3rd January, we're going to be reducing the amount of stuff that appears on the site, as we intend to drink coffee, play board games, and have serious discussions about the cultural significance of beards on 1970s culture. We will be very mature, as facial hair demands. 

However, we're not disappearing altogether. We've got assorted film and television stuff planned, just not as much as usual. Also, we should give you a heads up: we're not going to have our usual Doctor Who review on Christmas Day. There's nothing sinister there: we just weren't one of those allowed early access this time. Furthermore, we'll have consumed three times our own bodyweight by Christmas Day evening, and don't anticipate being in much state to write about anything. The review will likely follow on Boxing Day. We'll have a regeneration to recover from, after all.

Er, are you still talking to us?

So then. We'd better wrap this letter up, as we're already pushing our luck. On behalf of all of the team here at Den Of Geek, and we like to think on behalf of Nell Mangel too, have a lovely Christmas and a terrific 2014. May your festive season be full of goodness, happiness, caffeine and Haribo sweets.

And - seriously - thanks so much for all your support. It means a lot.

The Den Of Geek team

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