New Den Of Geek T-shirts launched, discount code here!

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29 Jun 2012 - 16:15

New T-shirts, and 10% off our range! Hurray!

A while back, we asked you fine people for some ideas for T-shirt slogans. You came back with some good ones. We have thus made them into T-shirts. It’s a cunningly simple plan.

To show our thanks to the people who came up with the slogans we used, if they want to drop us a line at, we’ll be sending them a finished T-shirt of their idea. And for everyone else, we’ve got a 10% off coupon if you want to give one of these pieces of clothing a try. The code is DOG10, and it's valid now at our T-shirt store, here.

Furthermore, we’re now on the lookout for more slogans too! Leave your suggestions in the comments, and any we use will get a T-shirt with their words on. Many thanks! Here's just a flavour of some of the new shirts...

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