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6 Jun 2012 - 06:37

We're laying on an extra quiz night in London, for those who have never been to one of our quizzes before...


By popular demand, we're bringing back our London Movie Pub Quiz for a fifth time, on 4th July 2012. Once more, it's a pub quiz for those of you who hate answering questions about Coronation Street and sport. It's 100% movies, with as many questions as we can squeeze into the evening, and it starts promptly at 7pm.


This quiz has been added to our calendar, to try and accomodate as many people as possible who have never been to one of our quizzes before. We've got another quiz this autumn, but for this one, we're going to give priority to first timers. If you've been to one of our events before, then do feel free to put in a booking - everybody's welcome! Just please understand that this time, it's those who have not been able to get in before who will be accomodated first. With that in mind, we won't confirm whether you're in or not for a couple of days. Bear with us, while we try and make this as fair as possible.

If you want to come along, you have to reserve your place in advance. We have limited space, and we sold out in under a day last time. Thus, if you're thinking of booking a place, you need to move quickly.

Without further ado, here's what you need to know...


Teams can have a maximum of six people in them. The cost is £5 per person, payable on the night. We invest this money in prizes. Good prizes.

In terms of prizes: we're spreading them a bit this time, so the value of the winning team prizes are coming down, so we can make sure that more teams walk away with more stuff.

We will also have an exclusive movie prop, as always, that you can only see for real by coming to the quiz.

If you don't have enough people to make up a team, then don't worry! We will ensure that everyone is in a team. So, if you want to come along by yourself, or just bring one or two other people along, fear not. Our majestic co-ordinating skills (ahem) will ensure that, if you wish, you will be part of a team. Unless you reckon you can take everyone else down by yourself, of course. In which case, our admiration.

Once we get your reservation, we will reply and confirm when you have a place. Please be patient with us. Please note that your place is not confirmed until you've received a mail back from us.

It's worth following the Den Of Geek Twitter feed for last minute changes and details of the quiz:


Wednesday 4th July, just off Oxford Street, London.

6.30pm for 7pm


To reserve a place - and we have a limited number of places we're allowed to offer, for safety reasons - we need off you:

* Your name/team name
* Ideally, a mobile number, but not compulsory
* How many people are in your team
* If you want us to put you together with others in a team for you

Then fire all that off to us on an e-mail to

Once your reservation is confirmed, there will be a table with your team name awaiting you. We will hold reservations until 6.50pm, by which time we need at least one member of your team to be there, else we'll have to allocate the table elsewhere. The venue will be open from 6ish.


We hear those of you asking for more regional quizzes, and we're happy to try them. But we need an idea of what areas to try. Can you drop us a mail, to the address above, with your nearest city in the subject header? If we then get a concentration of people interested in the same place, we'll look at putting something together. Every time we asked this, though, only a few areas had five people or more interested. Perhaps team up with a few people, to register your interest?

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