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News Karl Hodge 2 Feb 2011 - 15:36

Sisters are doing it for themselves over at The Girls on Film, a blog that remakes blokey film scenes with female actors...

Whichever way you cut it, the world of geek media belongs to men. Even when women are the kick ass stars of TV series (Buffy, Alias, Dollhouse) or films (Resident Evil, Tomb Raider), men still make up most of the supporting cast, appearing in distinctly greater proportions than we see in the real world.

It reflects a sad fact of cultural production. We may have come a long way since female author, Mary Anne Evans, had to publish under a pseudonym of George Eliot, but it's blokes that still run the show.

Which is why The Girls on Film is such a breath of fresh air. On paper it sounds like a parody project. A troupe of female actors take on iconic scenes from cult movies, from Fight Club, Star Trek and The Town, reading the same lines, acting the same parts as the men. But the results are no laughing matter.

This is a fan film project that creates powerful, dramatic results on a shoestring budget. And, while the performances here often highlight the differences between men and women, they prove that females are just as watchable in these parts as their male counterparts.

So, Den Of Geek salutes The Girls on Film, a project that proves it's about time women were given as much screen time in action, sci-fi and cult flicks as men.

Here's a scene from the female version of Star Trek.

The Girls On Film

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