Lord of the Party Rings

News Sarah Dobbs
14 Jan 2008 - 11:34
Battle of Pelennor Fields

How much of a geek would you need to be to recreate scenes from Lord of the Rings using yummy edible building materials? And... how awesome would you need to be?

I love making novelty cakes and other similar confections. To date, I've made a cake shaped like a well with an icing Sadako climbing out of it; a cake decorated to look like Jason Voorhees's hockey mask; a whole host of Star Wars characters made of icing (rendered short and slightly stumpy due to the inappropriate building material and lack of support) and ... er, loads of more conventional stuff, like gingerbread houses and "alien nests" made out of Rice Krispies.

But I've never done anything quite this spectacular. 

In case you can't see the video, it's an absolutely massive model of Minas Tirith (during the Battle of Pelennor Fields), made out of biscuits and sweets.

(There are loads of pictures on this here website, and the people who did it also recreated the battle of Helm's Deep with sweets.) 

Amazing. Truly, we are not worthy. 

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