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Geeks Vs Loneliness: how to ask for help

Den Of Geek Feature Jul 3, 2015

It sounds so simple, but often isn't: but how can you alert people to the fact that you may need a bit of support?

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child heading to London

Simon Brew News Jun 26, 2015

Harry Potter is heading to the London stage in the summer of 2016...

Geeks Vs Loneliness: dealing with loss

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 26, 2015

A few words for those of you dealing with loss and bereavement right now.

Can you help us buy Jason Statham's house?

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 19, 2015

Jason Statham's home is for sale, for a cool $8.999m. Our crowdfunding campaign begins right here...

Geeks Vs Loneliness: fighting money worries

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 19, 2015

If money worries are getting your down, maybe there's a tip or two here than can help...

Letters: Game Of Thrones, how babies are made, mystery films

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 19, 2015

Our letters page is back! Game Of Thrones and spoilers, mobile Den Of Geek, and Avengers title joy!

Geeks Vs Loneliness: trying to reconnect

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 12, 2015

One or two tips for those of you struggling to get back into the swing of everyday life.

Geeks Vs Loneliness: how can I help my friend?

Den Of Geek Feature Jun 5, 2015

If someone you know is facing loneliness, depression, anxiety or unhappiness, then here are one or two things that hopefully may help.

Michelle Gomez interview: Comedy, Doctor Who

Louisa Mellor Interview Jun 5, 2015

We interview Michelle Gomez about slapstick, stand-up, Steven Moffat, playing Doctor Who's Missy, and her new web series...

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular review

Mark Harrison Review Jun 2, 2015

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a must-see tribute to the show's tremendous musical repertoire...