The making of The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Ryan Lambie News Nov 20, 2011

With Skyward Sword out now, we delve into its production to find out the story behind its five-year development…

Hands on with Luigi’s Mansion 2

Ryan Lambie News Jul 25, 2011

A classic GameCube era action game gets a belated sequel on the Nintendo 3DS. We took the forthcoming Luigi’s Mansion 2 for a test drive...

Nintendo Wii U: new announcement trailer and specs arrive for the weirdest console ever

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 7, 2011

The oddly named Nintendo Wii U has an announcement trailer, along with a few new technical specifications...

Nintendo announces its new console: the Wii U

Ryan Lambie News Jun 7, 2011

Forget about Project Café. The next Nintendo console is called the Wii-U. Here’s what we know about it so far…

Nintendo’s Project Café: what we’re hoping to see from the Wii 2

Mark Coupe News Jun 1, 2011

There’s not long to go before Nintendo reveals its Wii successor to the world. Here’s what Mark’s hoping to see from the console currently called Project Café…

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time hands-on preview

Ocarina of Time
Ryan Lambie Preview May 19, 2011

One of the most lauded games of all time has been remade for the Nintendo 3DS, but can it recapture the original’s magic? Here’s our hands-on preview...

Could the console wars soon be over for good?

Ryan Lambie News May 16, 2011

As Fox News predicts the death of games consoles, Ryan pitches in with his own prediction for the future…

What can we expect from Nintendo’s successor to the Wii?

Ryan Lambie News Apr 26, 2011

As Nintendo officially announces the existence of the Wii 2, Ryan wonders just what the company's next console will bring…

Are we paying too much for videogames?

Ryan Lambie News Apr 13, 2011

As reports come in that the average price of videogames rose last year, Ryan wonders, are we being asked to pay too much?

Is 2011 the decisive year for Nintendo?

Ryan Lambie News Mar 8, 2011

With the 3DS out this month, and a successor to the Wii rumoured to be announced in June, will 2011 be Nintendo’s make-or-break year?