Looking back at The Legend Of Zelda

Ryan Lambie News Feb 21, 2011

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda, Nintendo’s classic adventure game that kicked off one of gaming’s greatest franchises…

Nintendo announces new Kirby game

Ryan Lambie News Jan 30, 2011

Kirby Epic Yarn still hasn’t hit Europe yet, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from announcing the pink blob’s next adventure...

PSP2 news round-up

Ryan Lambie News Jan 28, 2011

Sony has announced its successor to the PSP, but can it compete against Nintendo and the increasingly powerful Apple?

The ongoing mystery of Nintendo TV commercials

Ryan Lambie News Sep 21, 2010

As Nintendo prepares to launch a series of adverts starring pop duo Jedward, Ryan ponders the unfathomable nature of the company’s TV marketing…

10 gaming franchises we’d like to see on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo games we'd like on 3DS
Luke Holland Odd List Aug 18, 2010

Nintendo’s potentially revolutionary 3DS already boasts a solid library of launch titles, but there are plenty of other games we’d like to see. Including these…

Hands on with the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS
Ryan Lambie News Jul 28, 2010

We get to try out Nintendo’s 3DS for the first time, but are its 3D capabilities as impressive as we’d hoped?

The Ryan Lambie Column: What are Sega’s two forthcoming ‘major’ hardcore games?

Sega logo
Ryan Lambie News Jul 14, 2010

Sega has said it’s about to announce two major new games. But what could they be? Ryan considers the possibilities…

New trailers for Metroid: Other M roll in

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 14, 2010

Nintendo unveils new gameplay and cinematic trailers for Metroid: Other M

Nintendo 3DS preview — the next dimension in gaming?

Nintendo 3DS
Ryan Lambie Preview Jun 22, 2010

At the E3 expo, Nintendo finally unveiled its Nintendo 3DS. But can its 3D capability make it as successful as its predecessor?

The Ryan Lambie Column: Why the Nintendo Wii was the decade's fondue set

Ryan Lambie News Dec 10, 2009

Remember fondue sets and soda streams? Ryan does, as he watches another Nintendo Wii-playing party disintegrate around him...