Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta signing up for The Expendables 2?

Simon Brew News Sep 14, 2011

As Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme are confirmed for The Expendables 2, might John Travolta and Nicolas Cage be edging closer to signing up?

New trailer: Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman in Trespass

Simon Brew Trailer Aug 18, 2011

You break into Nicolas Cage's house at your peril, as the first trailer for new thriller Trespass demonstrates...

Looking back at Michael Bay's The Rock

Ryan Lambie News Jul 6, 2011

It stars Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and an entire prison island full of great character actors. Ryan looks back at Michael Bay’s The Rock…

Season Of The Witch DVD review

Ryan Lambie Review Jun 23, 2011

Nic Cage puts on his chain mail for Season Of The Witch, a period action horror road movie about witches and plagues. Here’s Ryan’s review…

Looking back at Next

Next (2007)
Ryan Lambie News Jun 15, 2011

We take a look back at the Nic Cage sci-fi thriller Next, a deeply flawed film with a few decent ideas at its core...

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance update

Simon Brew News Mar 16, 2011

The co-director of Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance has been chatting about the upcoming Nicolas Cage-starring sequel…

Amber Heard interview: Drive Angry 3D, Nicolas Cage, John Carpenter, The Rum Diary and strong female roles in horror

Duncan Bowles Interview Feb 25, 2011

Amber Heard natters to us about Drive Angry 3D, working with John Carpenter, The Rum Diary, and the legend that is The Cage...

Drive Angry 3D review

Drive Angry 3D
Duncan Bowles Review Feb 21, 2011

Is Nic Cage’s latest film, Drive Angry, the hell of a ride the poster claims, or merely hellish? Here’s Duncan’s review…

Behind the scenes shots of Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Simon Brew News Jan 26, 2011

Nicolas Cage is returning in Ghost Rider 2, and a series of images from the production have now been released…