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Win Tickets To The World Premiere Of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Den of News Apr 28, 2010

If you're free on Sunday, can get to London, and fancy going to the world premiere of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, here's what you need to do...

Anchorman 2 to start shooting next year?

Simon Brew News Apr 28, 2010

Could the long-awaited return of Ron Burgundy finally be happening? Adam McKay has been talking about the long-awaited Anchorman 2…

Wii Fit Challenge: can videogames really make me lose 100 pounds?

Jason Helton News Apr 27, 2010

Join Jason as he embarks on his brand new weekly quest: to lose weight through the power of Wii Fit...

New 3D teen-centric sequel to The Ring commissioned

Simon Brew News Apr 27, 2010

The brand new sequel to The Ring is set to tick a couple of Hollywood’s favourite boxes…

Sherlock Holmes jumps aboard 3D bandwagon

Simon Brew News Apr 27, 2010

The upcoming Sherlock Holmes 2 looks set to join the growing list of movies set to be shot in 3D…

Music in the movies: single band and artist film soundtracks

Glen Chapman News Apr 26, 2010

With AC/DC providing the soundtrack to Iron Man 2, Glen takes a look at other instances where one band or artist has provided the musical backdrop for a movie...

The top 5 ways to defeat invading aliens

Robert Mclaughlin News Apr 26, 2010

Are aliens out there? If so, as Rob reveals, movies and TV shows have shown us how best to defeat them...

Ghost Rider 2: without Nicolas Cage?

Simon Brew News Apr 26, 2010

Could the Ghost Rider sequel have to sacrifice its leading star in order to hit its deadline for going into production?