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The James Clayton Column: How I learned to stop worrying thanks to the bomb

James Clayton News Sep 10, 2009

As he catches up with The Hurt Locker, James wonders if it's time to enlist...

Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Rourke. Sin City. Marvellous.
Gaye Birch News Sep 10, 2009

The 4400 starts a rerun, and Hancock hits UK TV screens, as Gaye brings us her regular glimpse at the week ahead...

Lord Of The Ring Blu-rays delayed to March 2010

The Lord Of The Rings
Simon Brew News Sep 10, 2009

Middle Earth will not be appearing in 1080p this year, after The Lord Of The Rings trilogy on Blu-ray gets delayed.

Warner Bros sets up DC Entertainment

Justice League
Simon Brew News Sep 10, 2009

Warner Bros gets set to make the most of its DC Comics catalogue, by setting up DC Entertainment...

The Ryan Lambie Column: How I lost my heart - and my wallet - to a PC Engine

Mr Ryan Lambie's amazing joypad.
Ryan Lambie News Sep 10, 2009

Ryan uncovers a console classic from the past...

A look back at Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice

Carley Tauchert News Sep 10, 2009

We continue to look back at the work of Tim Burton, with one of his finest films: it's Beetlejuice...!

Blake's 7 series 4 episode 2 - Power

Dayna in Power
John Bensalhia News Sep 9, 2009

Popular sci-fi subject the battle of the sexes makes a slightly overbearing return to Blake's 7...

Alex Garland completes Judge Dredd screenplay?

Simon Brew News Sep 9, 2009

The joy of Twitter reveals that Alex Garland has been penning the new Judge Dredd movie. And is his script finished?

Lord Of The Rings legal battle ends

Lord Of The Rings
Simon Brew News Sep 9, 2009

New Line and the Tolkien Trust settle over Lord of the Rings, meaning it’s full steam ahead for The Hobbit…