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Alternate Cover: Marvel under Disney

James Hunt News Sep 1, 2009

James wonders just how tolerant the Mouse can possibly get in the face of Marvel's grittier output...

Howard the Duck in the Castle of Illusion

Be brave Howard...they don't even know what Quack-Fu is.
CJ Wheeler News Aug 31, 2009

The Disney/Marvel merger is not unprecedented, or even necessarily a bad thing for Marvel fans...

AMC's Red Mars still treading water one year on

All looking sadly quiet...
Martin Anderson News Aug 31, 2009

...or should that be sand? Not much life on Mars right now according to the original author Kim Stanley Robinson...

Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion

Don't worry, Logan, it'll be all right...
Martin Anderson News Aug 31, 2009

The Mouse is gunning for the young male consumer market, and it's willing to pay...

Revisiting Species: The Awakening

Species: The Awakening (2007, V)
Tom Latham News Aug 31, 2009

We conclude our look at the slow-burning sci-fi franchise with this straight-to-disc entry...

Mystery DVD Club No.14: Frozen In Fear

Frozen In Fear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
Rupert de News Aug 31, 2009

Parcel for me! What could it be...? [unwrap, unwrap]...DOH!

The James Clayton Column: District 9 and Alien Discrimination

District 9
James Clayton News Aug 31, 2009

Aliens will probably come in peace...until the riot police turn up...

Rambo 5: Stallone seals the deal

Stallone, likely to be taking the direct approach once again in Rambo 5.
Martin Anderson News Aug 31, 2009

More violent derring-do on the way from the Vietnam conflict's toughest veteran...

Halloween 3D coming in 2010

More to come...
Martin Anderson News Aug 31, 2009

But it will be Zombie-free, as Mr. Z moves onto other projects...

Crawling from the Wreckage: The return of the Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol
Robert Mclaughlin News Aug 30, 2009

With the recent return of DC’s weirdest heroes, we wonder what incarnation of the Doom Patrol to expect...