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Jon Favreau rules out Avengers, Hulk not in Iron Man 2

Simon Brew News Oct 15, 2009

The Iron Man 2 director will not be helming Marvel’s Avengers. And don’t expect Bruce Banner in the new Iron Man film either…

The Ryan Lambie column: Beaten by Bomberman

Bomberman '94
Ryan Lambie News Oct 14, 2009

Ryan revisits Bomberman on the PC Engine. And gets beaten. Soundly.

David Tennant and Simon Pegg for Burke and Hare

John Moore News Oct 14, 2009

David Tennant keeps finding post-Doctor Who work, as he teams up with Simon Pegg and John Landis for Burke and Hare...

Confused Views: A bunch of tearful Henrys

Matt Edwards News Oct 14, 2009

As usual, not for the easily offended. Matt lets rip at True Blood, the Couples Retreat trailer and Halloween 2...

Revisiting Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!

Carley Tauchert News Oct 14, 2009

A natural follow-on to Ed Wood, Carley revisits Tim Burton's B-movie homage comedy, Mars Attacks!

Chris Pine to play Jack Ryan?

Simon Brew News Oct 14, 2009

Could Chris Pine be jumping from Star Trek to fill the shoes left behind by Messrs Baldwin, Ford and Affleck?

Heroes season 4 spoiler

Simon Brew News Oct 14, 2009

It’s not specific, but there’s still news about a character for Heroes season 4 that you may not want to know inside…

The benefits of a download-only future

Julian Whitley News Oct 14, 2009

Should gamers be ready to embrace a downloadable games market fully? Julian sees the advantages...

Venom movie to take back seat?

Simon Brew News Oct 14, 2009

Could the Spider-Man spin-off Venom take a little longer than first thought to arrive?

Independence Day: the sequel?

Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2009

Roland Emmerich spills the beans on the Independence Day sequel that may yet happen…