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Why Mad Men is the best show on television

Mad Men
Ryan Lambie News Jun 17, 2010

A series set in a 60s advertising agency may sound dull, but Mad Men is so much more than period drama, as Ryan explains…

Doctor Who: new clip from The Pandorica Opens

Simon Brew News Jun 17, 2010

If you want to go into this weekend’s Doctor Who episode, The Pandorica Opens, completely cold, then you don’t want to watch this preview clip from it…

Iron Man 2 rumoured DVD and Blu-ray release date

Simon Brew News Jun 17, 2010

Ready to take Tony Stark home? It seems that Iron Man 2 is heading to DVD and Blu-ray in early October…

Confused Views: See ya later, Terminator

Matt Edwards News Jun 17, 2010

Matt works out that he might not be the ideal person to tackle the future of the Terminator franchise. But he's willing to give it a go...

World cinema: trans-global film-watching

N P News Jun 17, 2010

Introducing our brand new column, where we highlight some of the most interesting trans-global cinema we've encountered...

What went on at MCM Expo

Michael Leader News Jun 17, 2010

Michael trotted off to MCM Expo in London last weekend for us - and here's what he discovered...

Brand new clip from The Expendables

The Expendables
Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2010

Sylvester Stallone. Jason Statham. Lots of guns. Bad guys. And that’s just this one clip from The Expendables…

The Thing prequel gets release date

Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2010

Universal’s prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing is set for release next April, it’s been confirmed…

The Hobbit: will Peter Jackson now direct?

Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2010

With Guillermo del Toro now off the two Hobbit movies, can the studios concerned persuade Peter Jackson to take the reins?

Sam Raimi to direct Wizard Of Oz prequel

Simon Brew News Jun 16, 2010

Disney’s ambitious prequel to The Wizard Of Oz has found its director. And is Robert Downey Jr set to star?