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Revisiting Species: an unloved franchise

Tom Latham News Jul 24, 2009

Why is Species such an unloved franchise? Tom aims to find out, one film at a time...

Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Gaye Birch News Jul 24, 2009

What movies are parading on UK TV over the coming week? Here's our weekly rundown...

The James Clayton Column: The Devil in the detail

James Clayton News Jul 24, 2009

James catches up with Lars von Triers's Antichrist. But do titles and BBFC certificate explanations have a habit of spoiling the surprise, he wonders...?

Blake's 7 series 3 episode 2 - Powerplay

Blake's 7 series 3 episode 2 - Powerplay
John Bensalhia News Jul 24, 2009

New blood for the old Blake's crew - but with Servalan and a body-parts operation to defeat, will Tarrant even get to the next episode…?

Mystery DVD Club No 2: My Science Project

My Science Project
Cliff Chapman News Jul 23, 2009

From the writer of The Last Starfighter, could teen sci-fi flick My Science Project be a bargain basement classic? Er...

Looking back at Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy

Carley Tauchert News Jul 23, 2009

Our Kevin Smith retrospective turns to arguably his finest film to date, Chasing Amy...

Confused Views: Malicious pin dropping

Matt Edwards News Jul 23, 2009

As he ponders buying Watchmen, Matt considers a world where films are rolled out time and time again on DVD. This world, in fact...

Exclusive clip from Disney's G-Force

Simon Brew News Jul 23, 2009

Guinea pigs to the rescue, as we bring you a preview clip of Disney's incoming G-Force...