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A look back at An American Werewolf In London

Easy with the Pro-Plus, mate...
Charlie Brigden News Jul 21, 2009

Wednesday is quite the right time to re-examine this deservedly enduring 80s classic horror-fest...

Tom Baker's new Doctor Who outings - details!

The smile divided into seperate postcodes returns to Doctor Who [Tom Baker]
Stephen Bray News Jul 21, 2009

The jelly babies are out and the scarf is unfurling as we speak- classic Who fans may never have had it so good...

Nicolas Cage: new Ghost Rider, circling Green Hornet?

Ghost Rider: cinematic hell?
Simon Brew News Jul 21, 2009

Can Nic Cage squeeze some extra shouting in as a Green Hornet villain before a second Ghost Rider rolls around?

Mystery DVD Club No 1: Gabriel

Ben Jones News Jul 21, 2009

We launch our 'cheap DVD' experiment, searching for gems among the rubble. So how did Gabriel fare with our first willing participant?

Karen Gillan’s new Doctor Who companion named

Simon Brew News Jul 21, 2009

Matt Smith is the Doctor, and Karen Gillan, it’s been confirmed, is Amy Pond…

Karate Kid remake hopes and fears

Karate Kid
Hazel Ryan News Jul 21, 2009

John Kreese of Cobra Kai says ‘Sweep the leg - no mercy’, and Hazel says ‘Karate Kid/Kung Fu Kid remake — why bother?’

Weekend US box office report: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is box office royalty

Ron Hogan News Jul 21, 2009

Harry Potter conjures up millions as Half-Blood Prince rules the box office...

Doctor Who series five spoiler

David Tennant as Doctor Who
Simon Brew News Jul 20, 2009

Amidst the many new Doctor Who series 5 photos suddenly doing the rounds lies a familiar face...

Heads up: The Gigolos on BBC One tonight

Mark Oakley News Jul 20, 2009

Mayfair's lesser-known nocturnal activities are explored in this buddy movie with a difference…