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Twilight 4 entering pre-production?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight
Simon Brew News Apr 21, 2009

Twilight 2 is currently filming, Twilight 1 has just hit DVD, and work is, apparently, already afoot on Twilight 4….

Fringe season 2 going ahead

The cast of Fringe
Simon Brew News Apr 21, 2009

At least one show that we feared may be getting the chop is already filming its second season, it seems. There’s a lot more Fringe to come…

Pushing Daisies: final episodes start airing in the UK

Pushing Daisies
Simon Brew News Apr 21, 2009

They’re still sitting on a shelf in the US, but the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies have finally found a home on UK TV…

Stargate veterans line up for Stargate Universe

Amanda Tapping in The Ark Of Truth
Simon Brew News Apr 21, 2009

The upcoming Stargate Universe has added some familiar-looking guest stars to its casting list…

First look: Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Simon Brew News Apr 20, 2009

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe have reteamed again for Robin Hood: and the first image shows a bit of a Gladiator influence…

New Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen footage

Transformers 2
Simon Brew News Apr 20, 2009

Michael Bay releases a video about himself onto his website: and there’s some fresh Transformers material to salivate over…

Matt Damon turned down Star Trek

Matt Damon in his best role to date
Simon Brew News Apr 20, 2009

Director JJ Abrams briefly talks about the Captain Kirk that never was in his new Star Trek movie…

Weekend US Box Office report: 17 Again makes $24 million

Crank: High Voltage
Ron Hogan News Apr 20, 2009

Crank 2 gets solidly beaten by Zac Efron at the US box office. That, friends, should not be the natural order of things...

Alternate Cover: Thrice weekly Spider-Man - success or failure?

Amazing Spider-man
James Hunt News Apr 20, 2009

Has Amazing Spider-Man succeeded in its three-weekly format? James delivers his verdict...

Geek movies on TV in the coming week

The evil villain of Caddyshack.
Gaye Birch News Apr 16, 2009

Gaye brings us another week's worth of geeky goodness on the small screen...