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Just Cause 2 gets March 2010 release date

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2009

The action hots up again in March, as Square confirms the release date for Just Cause 2….

Videogames and war crimes: can we have some common sense now?

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2009

A new report now says that, basically, videogames let you commit war crimes. Seriously, now: can we not have a bit of common sense here?

Twilight: New Moon weekend box office underestimated, final total speculation

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2009

Just how big will Twilight: New Moon end up being? As its weekend box office numbers turn out higher than originally thought, we’ve been doing some guesswork…

BBC confirms Christmas line up, gives more Doctor Who details

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2009

More details on Doctor Who: The End Of Time, and a picture of David Tennant doing Buzzcocks, as the BBC announces its Yuletide line-up…

Avatar’s latest clip: but are we heading for Avatar fatigue?

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2009

More Avatar footage to check out right here: but has the promotion of the film gone from one extreme to the other?

The Lazy Geeks Guide to: Angel

Carley Tauchert News Nov 24, 2009

Want an instant expert guide to the land of Joss Whedon's Angel? You're in the right place...

Transformers 3: Michael Bay on Megan Fox

Simon Brew News Nov 23, 2009

With the third Transformers movie now in the planning stages, Michael Bay has been talking about Megan Fox’s role in the next film…

Avatar news round-up

Simon Brew News Nov 23, 2009

The running time is set, the film isn’t finished, new footage, new posters and more in our latest round-up of James Cameron’s Avatar news…

Alternate Cover: X-Men: Second Coming speculation

James Hunt News Nov 23, 2009

The next big X-Men crossover, Second Coming, is on the way. And James is looking forward to it a lot...