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Guardians Of The Galaxy TV show will hit Disney XD next year

Rob Leane News Oct 13, 2014

The Guardians Of The Galaxy are coming to kids’ TV, presumably with less swearing and Jackson Pollock jokes…

The Jim Henson Company developing Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth (1986)
Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2014

Dark Crystal 2 and Labyrinth 2 are both in the works at The Jim Henson Company, it's been revealed...

Joel Schumacher on Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, nipples

Batman & Robin. Amazing on many levels. None of them real.
Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2014

The director of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher, has been talking about his turn as Batman's director...

Keanu Reeves: the latest on Bill & Ted 3

Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2014

Director Dean Parisot is still attached, and Keanu Reeves says that Bill & Ted 3 is still inching forwards...

Lego Batman movie in the works

Ryan Lambie News Oct 11, 2014

One of the best-received characters in The Lego Movie is getting his own movie. Look out for Lego Batman in 2017...

An early look at Robot Overlords, from the director of Grabbers

Ryan Lambie News Oct 10, 2014

From the director of Grabbers comes the sci-fi adventure film, Robot Overlords. A featurette from the BFI gives us an early look at it...

Would you mind taking our reader survey?

Den Of Geek News Oct 10, 2014

A small favour: any chance you can let us know what you think of Den Of Geek?

Under The Dome and Extant renewed by CBS

Louisa Mellor News Oct 10, 2014

Extant and Under The Dome will both return to CBS in summer 2015 with their respective second and third seasons...

Tony Cavalero will play Dewey Finn in School Of Rock TV show

Rob Leane News Oct 10, 2014

Filling Jack Black’s shoes in the School Of Rock remake? That’d be Tony Cavalero…

The Flash: Pied Piper and Firestorm casting confirmed

Rob Leane News Oct 10, 2014

Victor Garber and Andy Mientus have signed-up for roles in The Flash…