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Final Fantasy XV, Type-0, Agito+, and G-Bike shown at TGS

Aaron Birch News Sep 18, 2014

TGS 2014 has seen some trailers emerge for a glut of new Final Fantasy titles, and you can see them here...

James D’Arcy joins Agent Carter as human butler Jarvis

Rob Leane News Sep 18, 2014

Howard Stark’s non-robotic butler Jarvis will be played by James D’Arcy in Agent Carter…

Matt Smith joins Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2014

Matt Smith goes from Doctor Who and Terminator: Genesys to Jane Austen and zombies...

Paranormal Activity 5 has new title, new release date

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2014

One last delay hits Paranormal Activity 5, which is now known as Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension...

Kate Mara joining Ridley Scott's The Martian

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2014

Kate Mara is set to jump from Fantastic Four to The Martian...

Brandon Routh on the negative reaction to Superman Returns

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2014

If people don't like Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, they're sure not saying it to Brandon Routh's face...

Millennium Films coming after The Expendables 3 torrenters

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2014

Individuals who illegally downloaded The Expendables 3 might just be set to receive a legal letter...

Doctor Strange shooting in UK, 2016 release expected

Simon Brew News Sep 17, 2014

Marvel is set to bring Doctor Strange to the UK, with production set to start in May 2015...

Arrow casts Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang for The Flash crossover

Rob Leane News Sep 17, 2014

Spartacus and Believe alumnus Nick Tarabay is joining Arrow for a The Flash crossover, as villain Captain Boomerang.

John Travolta defends Battlefield Earth

Simon Brew News Sep 17, 2014

John Travolta admits he has no regrets over Battlefield Earth, and would do it all again...