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Brief teasers appear for American Horror Story: Freak Show

Rob Leane News Aug 26, 2014

The fourth season of American Horror Story unveils two new trailers...

The Omen gets a sequel TV series

Rob Leane News Aug 26, 2014

Lifetime's Damien will be the televisual follow-up to The Omen...

Shutter Island is being adapted for TV

Shutter Island
Rob Leane News Aug 26, 2014

Martin Scorsese will direct the pilot for a Shutter Island television prequel...

Ridley Scott provides updates on Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels

Sir Ridley Scott
Ryan Lambie News Aug 26, 2014

Director Ridley Scott talks about his slate of sci-fi film projects, including Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2...

In memoriam: Richard Attenborough

Ryan Lambie News Aug 25, 2014

We pay our respects to Richard Attenborough, the legendary British actor, director and producer.

PSN, XBL, Blizzard and more affected by DDOS attacks

Aaron Birch News Aug 25, 2014

It's happened again, DDOS attacks have taken down online gaming services over the weekend...

Shane Black to direct The Destroyer

Ryan Lambie News Aug 22, 2014

Shane Black's on board to direct an adaptation of the adventure book series The Destroyer, with Fight Club's Jim Uhls on script duties...

Minority Report TV series is being developed

Rob Leane News Aug 22, 2014

Godzilla scribe Mac Borenstein is writing TV version of Minority Report for Amblin Television...

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Brian Patrick Wade to play Absorbing Man

Rob Leane News Aug 22, 2014

Brian Patrick Wade set to trouble Coulson in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the Absorbing Man...

Doctor Who update: Sherwood synopsis, Chris Addison, female Doctor

Rob Leane News Aug 22, 2014

With Doctor Who returning to our screens tomorrow, here’s a news update…