Music In Film

Music in Film: Only Lovers Left Alive and The LEGO Movie

Ivan Radford Feature Mar 7, 2014

Ivan checks out the music to a pair of very different films. He also sings Everything Is Awesome.

Music in Film: Inside Llewyn Davis and 12 Years a Slave

Ivan Radford Feature Jan 23, 2014

Ivan's latest column explores what music can tell us about a character through two new UK soundtrack releases

Music in Film: Saving Mr Banks and Frozen

Ivan Radford Feature Dec 20, 2013

Ivan salutes the music to a pair of new Disney movies: Saving Mr Banks and Frozen...

Music in Film: Gravity and Don Jon

Ivan Radford Feature Nov 26, 2013

The scores for Gravity and Don Jon straddle the boundary between music and sound. Ivan gives them a spin...

Music in Film: Broken Circles, Epic Everests, Sky Explosions and Sunshine on Leith

Feature Oct 29, 2013

Don't go out in the wind and rain, stay inside and listen to some film soundtracks. Ivan's got some recommendations...

10 best music moments from Woody Allen films

Ivan Radford Feature Sep 30, 2013

Ivan gives the soundtrack from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine a listen, and provides a rundown of the filmmaker's 10 best music moments...

Music in Film: Cars, clapping and computer games

Feature Sep 13, 2013

Gonzo guitars in Rush, chip tune nostalgia in The Kings Of Summer, and clapping in Ain't Them Bodies Saints. It's Music in Film time...

Music in Film: The Lone Ar-ranger

Ivan Radford Feature Aug 22, 2013

How did Hans Zimmer rearrange the William Tell Overture for The Lone Ranger? Ivan examines the new version of an infectious tune...

Music in Film: Shirley Walker

Ivan Radford Feature Jul 31, 2013

The work of one of cinema's unsung talents, Shirley Walker, comes under the spotlight in this week's Music in Film...

Music in Film: Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness

Ivan Radford Feature Jun 13, 2013

Two of this summer's blockbuster soundtracks come under scrutiny in this week's Music in Film: Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness...