Mrs Brown's Boys

BBC wants a Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie 2

Simon Brew News Jul 14, 2014

With over £10m banked and counting, BBC Films has confirmed it wants a sequel to Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie...

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opens to £4.3m in UK

Simon Brew News Jun 30, 2014

For the second time today, critics be damned! Mrs Brown's Boys is now a major UK box office hit.

Mrs Brown's Boys: The Movie confirmed

Simon Brew News May 29, 2012

Brendan O'Carroll confirms that Mrs Brown's Boys: The Film is set to happen. But it's a while off yet...

Mrs Brown’s Boys series one DVD review

James T Review Oct 18, 2011

BBC comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys arrives on DVD, and James discovers a series that is far better than some critics may have you believe…