Young Sherlock Holmes next for remake treatment

News Simon Brew 23 Nov 2012 - 06:16

Uh-oh: the 1985 movie Young Sherlock Holmes is getting a modern day remake...

Ah, this isn’t going to go down well. With the Hollywood remake bandwagon showing little sign of relaxing, another beloved 80s film has now been lined up for another. And it’s Young Sherlock Holmes.

The original came out in 1985, with Barry Levinson directing from a script by Chris Columbus. Given the current popularity of Sherlock Holmes stories – buoyed by the TV shows Elementary and particularly Sherlock – it’s perhaps unsurprising that Young Sherlock Holmes is now being raided.

Paramount Pictures is behind this one, and it’s hired Evan Spiliotopoulos – who penned The Lion King 1½ (released as The Lion King 3 in the UK) – to put together the new screenplay. Chris Columbus is involved in the new film too, serving as producer.

There’s no idea yet of casting, timescales or a director. But if the screenplay comes together, expect movement in 2013.

The Wrap.

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I'd have more respect if the studio made 'Sherlock Holmes: Vampire Hunter'.

I hope the kids not about to smoke that pipe.

As someone who loves Sherlock Homes, if this does go ahead it may not strictly be a remake, especially with the original producer involved but just another film featuring a young Homes and Watson. The world of Sherlock Holmes is so vast that it's a bit naive to brand this film as a remake just because it'll feature a young Holmes and Watson, especially when its so early on in pre-production. For all we know it maybe a different adaptation from the 1985.

Let's not read too much into this just yet, because the idea of a young Sherlock Holmes is hardly an original one and for all we know Chris Columbus sees this as an opportunity to finally reach a wider audience with a young Sherlock Holmes, as opposed to it just being a cult classic.

I don't really see this as a bad thing just yet, with the right cast, direction, etc it could be just as wonderful as the 1985 and critically just as good as something like 'Sherlock'.

Really? Yes because that would be a 'respectful' treatment of Sherlock!!

Anyway, maybe this is an adaptation of Andy Lane's novels?

It won't be a remake per se, if it's going to be set in modern times. And it can't be much worse than those TV movies where Holmes was cryogenically frozen and then revived today to solves crimes with one of Watson's descendants..

I know, we can set it in modern times, have not just one but a few kids, and they can battle a criminal gang and look for pirate treasure in order to save their homes from foreclosure...

He doesn't smoke it. He just sticks it in his gob.

As for the modern take on it with extra kids. Good idea but I think they need some kind of animal comedy sidekick. A dog maybe?

Can you not take a joke then?

So funny to think it was only a few years ago that I would moan about the complete lack of Sherlock Holmes adaptations these days. Now it seems like every time you turn around someones using the character.

There's even a couple of rubbish ads on tv for cold remedies and make-up that use him, haha.

I think that was sarcasm.

RE: Remakes

Who cares!

I mean really. We KNOW they happen all the time now. Do they ever ruin the original version for is? No. Why? Because the remakes are ALWAYS complete sh*t.

All they do (if anything) is draw peoples attention to the original. Now, seeing as this film was great, and is a classic, then I see nothing wrong than bringing it to peoples attention. It will always be a great film, remade or not.

I was thinking the same thing.
We now have 2 series and a series of films and now they want to make another film.
There was even House which was Sherlock as a doctor.
How much Sherlock Holmes do we really need?

Hazaar!!! Thank you sir.

I've always wanted to see a Sherlock Holmes/War Of The Worlds crossover.

Could just be based on the books...?

Sherl will be the geek at high school and Johnny Watson will be the football star.

there is nothing safe in this world, i just shed a single tear for my childhood

Lets get Steven Moffat and Mark Gassis on it. Then I hold out some hope.

I have one word: Why? We have a fantastic TV show in Sherlcock (I am yet to see Elementary - although I doubt it'll be as good as Sherlock) and a good starting block for a franchise in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films.

Why can't the Yanks just leave our respected, iconic UK characters alone? Elementry is apocalyptic, and this is just...ugh. I mean, THE LION KING 3?!?!

Ho hum. That's all I'm saying. Having never seen the original, I'm not in a position to judge, but maybe it'll be OK. Maybe.

Oh, yes!! That would be nice.

Sherlock Holmes as a sub plot in a film quadroly based on Planetary.

why do they have to remake this why not just release it in cinema agian its a timeless film

That movie is called 'The Goonies.'

Really? Damn, I did not know that. How about this: same bunch of kids, but they're at the site of a train crash and find a piece of alien technology, and the alien escapes from the train and starts to cause havoc in their small town...

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