Johnny Depp lined up for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

News Simon Brew
20 Aug 2014 - 06:41
Dark Shadows

Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers will star Johnny Depp. And the movie will also feature their daughters.

Kevin Smith's next movie, Tusk, is set to arrive in US cinemas next month. But he's already deep into his next film project, which goes by the name of Yoga Hosers.

Described as the second film in Smith's True North Trilogy of Canada-set films, Yoga Hosers tells the story of a pair of 15-year old girls who team up with a legendary manhunter, to battle an ancient evil. In Smith's words, "people always ask me 'Are you ever going to make a comic book movie?' This is it - but instead of yet another dude saving the day, our antiheroes are the most feared and formidable creatures man has ever encountered: two 15-year old girls".

Johnny Depp is to take on the role of the aforementioned manhunter. The two 15-year old girls, meanwhile, are set to be played by Depp and Smith's daughters, Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith.

Smith has started production on the movie already, and has written the script too, crossing over some characters from Tusk. We'd imagine we'll see Yoga Hosers at some point next year.


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