X-Men: Apocalypse to be set in the 1980s

News Simon Brew 16 Jun 2014 - 06:32

The next X-Men film will be set ten years after X-Men: Days Of Future Past, it's been revealed...

Just a quick one, this. Given that X-Men: First Class was set in the 1960s, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past mainly in the 1970s, we're suspecting that the news we're about to report won't come as a great deal of a shock.

However, here goes: the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, is going to be set in the 1980s. Specifically, it's going to be set in 1983, which puts it ten years after the events of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg confirmed this on the The Q&A Podcast.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set for release in cinemas on May 27th 2016. More news on the film as we hear it, of course.

The Q&A.

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This was confirmed ages ago! Its going to feature Gambit possibly Nightcrawler and young versions of Cylops, Jean and Storm too. Ooh and Apocalypse.

Poor prop department guys having to go on a hunt for Hairspray and walkmen.

Want to guess when the 4th film will be set?

I am so confused by all of the X-men films, timeline is all over the place, character origins seem to be re-written, characters are played by multiple actors, characters live/die/live again and they keep switching sides to/from good/bad!

So... basically... just like in comics?

How do they explain that on the 21 years between 1962 and 1983 the cast will age just 5 years? Does mystyk not age as bases on being 21 in 62, she will be 42 in apocalypse, and was 59 in x1. I think they are compounding the continuity issues as the cast are now too young looking

it's an established fact that Mystique doesn't age as quickly as other characters due to her power

In The Last Stand, she was only looking 40, tops. and that was set in what, 2006?

It feels like they're rushing to get to the modern day films.

And of course in First Class hank directly states that she doesn't age as fast as everyone else (this is when he is analysing her DNA to create his syrum)

roflmao :D

Ok so maybe I picked the wrong character, what about beast, he does age as we have seen a 50 year old play him, or xavier and magneto? These guys will have only 17 years to become oap age! And what about the new cast, does havoc age? Cause the new character will be minimum 42 in apocalypse played by a 23 year old

Not really. I think a 10 year gap is good. Allows stuff to have changed between films and gives a different era for the three films so far.

NATHALIE EMANUEL FROM GAME OF THRONES TO PLAY STORM! She'd be perfect, and could pass as a young Halle Berry. Lupita Nyongo makes no sense whatsoever.

A Tuesday. Or maybe a Wednesday.

This is not very complicated. There is :
Timeline 1: First Class, Wolverine 1, X-Men 1, 2, 3 & Wolverine 2, DOFP's 2023

Timeline 2 :First Class, Days of Future Past's 1973, Apocalypse

in first class hank tells her that her skin cells last long which means when she is 50 she will look 20 and they are aging the rest of the cast and you can tell most of them looked more mature in dofp

at least we won;t see crapple junk

Since it's the 80s, can we see Dazzler?

Hands up for a Mystique exercise bike scene to Olivia Newton John's 'Physical'? Or Wolverine fighting bad guys to the sounds of 'Labour of Love' by Hue & Cry!

Exactly. 60s, 70s, then 80s. Seems varied enough to keep things fresh, and increments of 10 years doesn't seem too fast. I'm looking forward to 90s X-Men, with baggy clothes and lines shaved in their hair.

The distant future to be precise, so 2010 or something then.

How about flying in that jet with Dangerzone playing?

Well, I get what you mean. I recently rewatched all the X-Men movies and if you ask me this is a rather good order:
1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (that way you have the generally reviewed worst movie out of the way and the rest of the movies are Wolverine centric anyway.)
2. X-Men (Sabretooth is never called Sabretooth in this movie, so for continuity sake this is considerd by me as another guy. The line in with Xaver tells Logan that he met Eric as teens and that Jean and co where his first students can be explained as the history of the first timeline.)
3. X-Men 2 or X2 or X-Men United, what is the official title for this movie anyway?
4. X-Men: The Last Stand (First mentioning of Trask)
5. X-Men: First Class (The events of this movie will be forgotten if you watch this as the first one. At least for the casual viewer.)
6. The Wolverine (the extended cut that is, also second mentioning of Trask)
7. X-Men: Day of Future Past (After this the second timeline is the primary timeline.)

How do they explain that characters (in the main) don't age in comics? Many of these folks have looked the same for 50 years or more or suddenly been aged - whatever the story demands really.

Fortunately nobody is trying to convince anyone that these are documentary stories so why worry?

errr? Isn't this already old news? I knew this from other publications for a while now?

Nice! I'd stick with the mighty Loggins but I'd be more inclined to go with his theme song to 'Footloose'. You wouldn't want to steal any of Top Gun's thunder, or it's blatant homo eroticism!

Best not to ask. Otherwise we also have to ask why Moira McTaggart is in her 20's in the 60s *FIRST CLASS) and then in her late 30's in the 200's (LAST STAND). or that TRASK went from peter Dinklage to Bill Duke.

I think the timeline is screwed. i don't ask anymore, better to just enjoy 9so long as the film is entertaining).

Eh?!?! We thought you were old news? ;)

I wonder how they will work it after this film - carry on so 90's, 00's and then (our) present day?

Maybe Wolverine 3 could be one of those timeslots if they did wnat to rush to the present day?

The Trask from X3 was never called Bolivar Trask in the movie, so he could be another character, unrelated, or his adoptive son. For Moira Mc Taggart, well it's just a plothole, imagine that she's in her 60's in X3 but that she just ages incredibly well ! xD

Did anyone notice the summer present Bryan Singer gave us with DofFP? Last Stand never happened!!! When the young Prof. X scanned Logan's mind he saw the events of Last Stand/Phoenix saga, and thus didn't make the same mistakes that he originally did to suppress her powers (which was why both her and Scott were alive when Logan's mind came back to present. See, Last Stand has been thankfully wiped out of existence.

perfect excuse for spandex, might actually see some of the original old skool black and yellow costumes and wolverine in his mask heck its the 80's anything is possible ;)

Can't wait to see the 1990s in the sequel to Apocalypse. Hank playing a game boy colour, Nightcrawler with a curtains hair doo, Wolverine putting his indestructible adamantium into the Nokia 32-10....

Well, in the comics Mystique doesn't age. It's part of her mutant powers, but the movie hasn't really explained that.

I really think we shouldn't expend too much mental energy on how the characters will age in comparison to their previous/future incarnations. It's a superhero movie, let's just take it for what it is and enjoy.

Duh. We knew this already.

I can see that working...


Yes we should. It's bad enough that they continued on with the young versions of the X-Men. We grew up with the adult versions so I think it's best to see them again.

As far as I can tell X1 and X2 never happened, either...

10 Internet points to you sir, it is a Tuesday!

There's no Professor X in the comics 'Age of Apocalypse'

Re: Apocalypse sequel - there doesn't need to be a film set in the 90s - we already have the epic cartoon series with the magnificent theme music.

Oh, and Jubilee. On second thoughts, reboot please!

But how do they age a 23 year old havoc to look at least 42? I just wonder why they are in a rush to get to the current day? Surely they could have stuck with the 70's maybe add 4 or 5 years to the timescale. 10 year jumps for a cast is too much with only 2 years between films

After Days of future past, sorry but after the time change all that does not matter any more it is like it never happen or don't you understand temporal causality.

It's not hard to age actors prosthetically. So Nicholas Hoult will need a grey hair or two and some makeup, no big deal. They won't even have to do anything with Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy. They've been playing characters much younger than they are for First Class and DOFP, they can just stop trying to make them look youthful. By the time Apocalypse comes out, Fassbender will be 39 and Mcavoy will be 37, both playing dudes in their early 40's.

Wolverine will finally fit right in with that Flock of Seagulls haircut.

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