X-Men: Days Of Future Past rumoured DVD & Blu-ray release date

News Simon Brew
13 Jun 2014 - 23:29

It looks as if the brand new X-Men film, Days Of Future Past, will be landing on disc this October...

From the feedback we've been getting from the fine readers of this site, X-Men: Days Of Future Past has gone down really rather well. It's made more money than any other X-Men film to date, but also, it's got lots and lots of people singing its praises.

There's a lot crammed into the film though, and as such, there's plenty to go back and have a look at when the DVD and Blu-ray release rolls around. And we now have a rumoured date, as Amazon Germany has put the movie up for pre-order. It's listing a release date of October 30th 2014.

That sounds about right (and we'd expect to see the UK release move in line with that), although it hasn't been confirmed by 20th Century Fox yet, so may yet move a week or so. We should find out details of special features when the official announcement comes.


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