Confirmed: Channing Tatum cast as Gambit in X-Men

News Simon Brew 13 May 2014 - 13:29
Gambit - crowded out by Wolverine in the original X-Men but soon to make his own splash in movies

The role of Gambit in the X-Men movies has been cast. Step forward Mr Channing Tatum...

It's definite: Channing Tatum is joining the X-Men franchise, in the role of Gambit.

It's a piece of casting that had been rumoured for some time, with news breaking last month that Tatum had been in discussions with producer Laura Shuler Donner about the role. "I would die to play it", Tatum had previously said of the part. You can read the earlier report here.

Gambit is expected - but not confirmed - to be a part of 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as a candidate for an X-Men spin-off movie.

Total Film has confirmed Tatum's casting as Gambit, direct from Shuler Donner. "It is Channing", she told them when asked about the role at the UK X-Men: Days Of Future Past premiere last night.

More news as we get it...

Total Film.

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No thank you. I'll pass.

Must find a positive.
Must find a positive.
Must least it's not Affleck?

Seriously though, not thrilled by this but as with Batman, I'll reserve judgement till I see it.

I guess Josh Holloway was busy then?
Eh, I doubt he's ever going to trouble the Academy, but as a comedic actor Tatum's actually really good. Just make this portrayal of the character very one liner-heavy, and I think this will be fine...

Taylor Kitsch was just fine!

You're still gonna watch it. Dickhead.

Should have been Josh Holloway.

I liked him in the past several movies. I have no problem with this.

So presumably they'll be ignoring any reference to the character as he appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.... which is a shame as I thought he was one of the best things about that film, definitely showed promise.

I wish they'd show some sort of long term game plan with the X-Men films instead of one-off cash cows that are loosely based on what came before but that generally just take the franchise in yet another random direction.

ummm what?

I'll second that. The jury's out on Magic Mike till I sees a trailer.

All I know from X-Men is the 90s cartoon, and he seemed quite a serious character in that.

But from this casting choice, it hints that they are going for a 'funny/comical' version of Gambit?

Not sure if this is good or bad.

Personally, I think he's a good actor. But not the right fit for this.

I think Jake gyllenhaal would have been an interesting choice.

Why can't they just bring back Taylor Kitsch? He is a great actor and it annoys me more thatSinger has reportedly fixed all the X-verse continuity in Days of Future Past and they now go and ruin it with one piece of casting. I'm sure he will do fine in the role but there was nothing wrong with Kitsch in the first place!

Many reviews are saying that Singer fixed the continuity issues for previous Xmen in Days of Future Past but it seems wasted as Donner just wants to **** things up.

I really enjoyed Taylor Kitsch in x men origins Wolverine, i'm a bit gutted that he isn't back

disagree but hey ho

Good choice CT is from the deep south so has the roots and he just gets better in everything he does

I hated Taylor kitsch as gambit due to his appalling accent, but he did manage to look the part. Mr Tatum is not my idea of a good gambit physically & I find his acting rather wooden *sighs*

Did everyone sort of miss the part where Channing Tatum is actually an excellent actor now!? He's really proven himself as a great comedic actor in 21 Jump St. as well as in dramas like Magic Mike (yes it's about gaudy male strippers in Vegas, but it's a fantastic, powerful film) and Side Effects.

He's shown charm, timing and depth, but these comment sections continue to relate him to the sappy romance films that fill his early CV. Gotta start somewhere, remember!

I'll happily predict that he'll be fantastic as Gambit. You can laugh and mock if I'm wrong, but people currently seem to be making snap-judgements based on the actor he WAS not the actor he IS.

Agreed. I don't mind this, anymore than I minded Affleck.

With this casting news, the big question is who will replace Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Wasn't keen on his performance, plus he has a face I just want to punch...

What was wrong with Taylor Kitsch?

Uh, what??? He was intense but definitely comic as well in that incarnation

Tatum is a good actor and all but I just don't see this as a good fit. He's just too all American and clean cut for me. He also isn't old enough. I want a Gambit that has that dark twinkle in his eye, has that duplicity and is older. Somebody that can riff off Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Tatum may do fine but for me its more casting for a target demographic audience than finding the right fit for the character. Josh Holloway should be the name in this article.

I suggested giving josh duhamel a call too. He has the charm & a matching physique. Everyone seems to be forgetting gambit is lithe & athletic, not tatums broad stocky figure.

He looked the part and it would've made sense within continuity

Ruin it? Heck, parts get re-cast all the time. We have no idea whether Taylor Kitsch was even available or even wanted to come back.
This sounds a lot like the types of posts we got when they re-cast Rhodey for IM2, but that has worked out kind of well, IMHO anyway...

"but these comment sections continue to relate him to the sappy romance films that fill his early CV"

Which was how I always thought of Heath Ledger in the build up to Dark Knight. Happily I was wrong and it is all about waiting to see the finished film!

100% agree.

Exactly! Every time someone leaps to the conclusion that an actor is bad for a role before they've seen it, they should always think "Heath Ledger"

Equally I'm looking forward to Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg in the next DC movie because they weren't expected choices and their recent bodies of work have been eclectic and excellent (The Double is a brilliant showcase of how sinister and malevolent Eisenberg can be - very Lex Luthor!)

Yeah Ben is looking good in the suit and I'm sure he can pull of a more serious, experienced Bruce Wayne. Jesse I think will be great, I think a lot of dissatisfaction really comes from people not really liking him as a person/actor rather than ability for the role. He'll be brilliant acting (as you say) sinister and malevolent!

Bad casting can and does happen but it is unfair to slate a guy before he can show off what he can do and what type of role/character he has to play.

However, I do understand people's issues when they relate to character traits that don't seem to fit. For example Jamie Bell as Thing. He may be great but I picture a big dude and that isn't Jamie! But then characters always evolve so guess I'm back to our original point of wait and see!!

No, I agree as well. His willingless to go for such stark self-irony and comedy in This Is The End was what sealed the deal for me. But Jump Street started it. :) I think he's a breakout along the lines of Leonardo DiCaprio - of course, only time will tell.

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