X-Men spin-offs might be back on the table

News Simon Brew
11 Apr 2014 - 06:45
Gambit - crowded out by Wolverine in the original X-Men but soon to make his own splash in movies

Possible X-Men spin-off movies for Gambit, Deadpool and Mystique...

Back when X-Men Origins: Wolverine arrived in cinemas, Fox had plans for at least one further X-Men spin-off, in the form of X-Men Origins: Magneto. Elements of what would have been in that film made it into Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class though, and Fox seemingly abandoned spin-offs outside of the Wolverine line. The long-mooted movie has languished in development hell ever since.

But it seems that tide might be turning, unsurprising given Fox's desire to create a broader X-Men cinematic universe. Producer Laura Shuler-Donner, who has been one of those overseeing all of the X-Men features to date, told Entertainment Weekly that "there was a regime [at the studio] that didn't see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it and we're going to do right by it".

So which spin-offs does she fancy tackling? "I'd like to do Gambit. I'd like to do Deadpool. We'll see". Writer/producer Simon Kinberg then added that he'd be interested in doing a film with Mystique. “I love what Jen Lawrence has done with her, and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo".

Fox currently has X-Men movies planned through to 2017's Wolverine sequel. After that? It looks like more spin-offs are on the cards...


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