New full trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Trailer Simon Brew 24 Mar 2014 - 13:13

See the new full trailer for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past right here...

Arriving in cinemas on May 22nd is the follow-on to Matthew Vaughn's successful X-Men movie reboot-of-sorts (X-Men: First Class), X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

This time, the director's chair has been passed onto Bryan Singer, back in the land of X-Men movies, and he's unified the cast of the first bunch of X-Men movies with the First Class recruits.

A second full trailer for the film has just landed too. And even as you watch this, Singer and his team are starting to turn their minds to the next adventure, X-Men: Apocalypse.

For us? We'll make do with the trailer for the new film. And you can see it right here...

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Don't get expectations up... Don't get expectations up! Ah, who cares, looks like it will be amazing

Despite my massive skepticism about this movie, I've gotta say, this looks fantastic.

Sony, if you are watching, that is how you do a trailer


That is all.

I am giddy....welcome back Mr Singer

Iceman. Finally. Ice-slides. That is all.

Holy cr*p does this look good!!

Bishop & Shadowcat. Sweet!

With you there buddy.

So I'd say this looks amazing! Magneto's (Fassbender) dismissal of the 4 police at 1:17 is so very cool. Please let the final film be as good as I am now hoping.

Yeah baby!

X-Men doing what they do best under the careful guidance of Mr Singer. Lots of different types of sentinels too. Looks amazing.

Just when I began to feel a bit of super hero move fatigue...this comes along! Just when I thought I was out...they pull be back in....

Is the guardian of Odin's Vault a Sentinel? They both shoot fire out of their face..just wondering, I'm not a comic book guy, but love all these movies.

If I hadn't been sold since the initial announcement, this would have guaranteed my ticket sale. I just hope the future segment isn't a quick ten minutes of awesome effects and action at the start.

Though Iceman getting to do his slide thing: hell yeah. Hopefully we'll get another fastball special too.

I still would have liked to have seen 1, maybe 2 more of these prequel films with no characters from the other X-Men films.

Sort of the way Man of Steel is going. Too much too soon.

I've said before they had the whole story for the second film squashed into the last 10 minutes of First Class. the break-up of charles and eric and Mystique deserved better. then this could have been the third

Sorry I'm still not convinced. After 6 entries in the X-Men franchise and only one half decent film... I still cant get excited for this. Even seeing Iceman fully icing up was not enough for me. I'll still check it out but looking forward to The Winter Soldier, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy more than this

Ok, ok, I'll watch it! You're making me break my "no more than the first trailer or at the movies" rule... But here goes nothin

EDIT: totally worth it.

I'm looking forward to them in order of appearance. If I could switch it I'd put TASM 2 last, but I can't make up my mind about the order of the other 3, so order of appearance it is.

Yeah that was smooth. After this ill cryogenically freeze myself til Apocalypse. I used to want that to be part 3 but this build up seems like it's gonna pay off big time.

If more studios realised you don't have to show the entire film in trailers, you wouldn't need that rule.

I imagine this is the last we'll see of the new cast. I agree that more films with them would have been really cool.

I noticed that too, not to mention the Zhumsn Torch, but no they're just similarities. Fire guys are fire guys though. Robots that shoot fire out of their face, that's... A ripoff.

Singer gave me x-men 2 and it was awesome and then he worried me with the 26 main characters but this trailer just showed me I shouldn't doubt him. I trust in Bryan Singer.


Obviously we'll need to wait and see, but by the looks of things, I don't understand where they can go from here?

It seems as though Magneto and Prof X are now all buddy buddy and are trying to get themselves to team up in the past?

So, if successful... then nothing we have already seen in the other films has happened as everyone is all chummy?

Except for maybe the Juggernaut... bitch.

Can we not just have a prequel with no time travelling nonsense?!

What's Brian Fantana doing in Professor Xavier's wheelchair?

Can't change the past... Or can we???

No we can't.

Don't I know it. Most people feel like they've already watch TASM 2, but I watched the first trailer and that's it. But if it previews before Cap 2, then I might watch it before I watch it too. What I'm ready for is a ninja turtles trailer. I just hope it's less explosions and more hiYAAH!

The thing is... They did happen. A Spider-Man, batman style reboot would make this a bunch of disjointed films. And they made mistakes. Most notably the last stand and origins. But not only are they using time travel to fix that and join the characters, they're using days of future past. The moment I heard that news I was like "we landed on the moon!" And now apocalypse! The only thing that can mess thus up is if the FF suck. But you can't afford to make lame movies these days. They may be divisive, but the dark knight trilogy and the mcu have raised the stakes.

It's always the way with X-Men films, shoe-horn an entire storyline into one film. The Wolverine origin story and the First Class story could have easily been two, possibly three, films each.

Phenomenal. And the poster that accompanies the release is beautiful... Anybody get the inkling Jennifer Lawrence will be getting a HUGE chunk of screen time? Either that... or "excuse for printed nudity" box needed to be ticked.
Both amazing. Best posters and "non spoiler filled" trailers I've seen for a while.
Exact opposite of the Spiderman Campaign... which was essentially... can we show ALL the film before people see it?
Which is odd... didn't Fox produce both these films, ergo are responsible for both advertising campaigns?

Hope the film doesn't squash an entire sequel's worth of plot into the last 15 minutes again...."Quick, get McAvoy into a wheelchair and Fassbender into a purple and red fancy dress outfit."

I might be wrong, but I'm PRETTY sure that Bryan Singer confirmed that it was actually the other way round. This was essentially a farewell to the majority of the older cast. Apocalypse will be more of a "First Class" cast sequel than an originally trilogy sequel. Again, I might be wrong, but I'm sure it was on DoG somewhere about that one...

Yeah its going to be set in the 80s and theres talk of Gambit and Nightcrawler being in it!

either way its a good time to be a comic book fan


"Sex Panther Powers, ACTIVATE!"

I want to believe you, John. I want to throw my arms around you and believe it'll be okay. But then Superman Returns and Jack The Giant Killer loom into view and I feel all dizzy. Avenge me.

Oh sweet jumping jehosevah on a trampoline!!!!!

so so least we get to see what Brian Singer has done with it..since his departure the franchise has not been the same..can't wait..

You can't have an x-men film without Wolverine topless...apparently.

Those 2 miliseconds where they showed Bishop made my day, took me right back to the 90's cartoon

Logan, you've saved the universe. We are forever inde- when did you put on that jumpsuit? You look like a piñata!

We need mr. Sinister too.


Yup, too late....

Sinister will be in Apocalypse. or, depending which they release first; some minor/post credits teaser for The Wolverine 2/3 (depending on your stance on Origins)

Origins is origins, if there were an origins 2 I'd call it origins 2. I'd like to see Omega Red in the wolverine 2.

So back to Sinister: Michael Wincott.

I have faith in returning to his x-men beginnings he can make it right. We need reparations for X-Men 3, he owes us. If he f*cks up you shall be avenged, your Ron Swanson avatar demands it!

I've always found it difficult following the alternate timelines with xmen but i think this stops the really shitty future while keeping everything that transpired before the same, I've yet to read the actual comics so I'm purely speculating. Much like my assumption that the new cast are being pushed out, just get that feeling.

Let this be true! Yeah for fresh faces. Sigh at the inevitable conclusion of wolverine, yes he was a horseman but he doesn't need to be shoehorned front and center into every film.

Sony did spiderman, they obviously want to give you a taste of the entire film so you can decide if you really want to see those end credits.

*Deep breaths, Magnascato. He is innocent. He clearly does not know our ways. Have mercy...*
No, the guardian of the vault in Thor is called The Destroyer, and is an entirely different entity altogether. Also, the X-men films are not owned by Marvel, they're owned by Fox, meaning they will never cross over with Thor or any of the Avenger's movies because of money and bullshit, basically.

*Sticks fist in mouth, turns blue, goes down twitching*

+1 to everything, I am exactly in the same situation.

I love the fact comic book movies are huge these days, there is so much material to be plucked

O M G a little wee came out ! i cant wait!

As for the turtles, I think there's a teaser trailer. Remember, the general public + a cartoon based movie + Michael Bay = guardians of the galaxy being topped a week after it comes out. I expect that because I know cool people. They like the things I don't, they don't like the things I do. And they love transformers.

I want to watch Guardians too. I'll have to check the dates here (I am from Spain, didn't my English give me out? Because if it didn't, I'll go ahead and feel all smug about it =P) to see what I watch first or which one is more likely to last. Since they dub movies here, the dates can be pretty different. With this kind of movie it is usually either the same date or a week or two after, but I am occasionally surprised, so I'll check, just in case.

Transformers... Well, I guess they are OK depending on what you like. I took my little brother (he is 15 now) and some of his friends to the first one and they enjoyed it a lot. Everything has its public.

A cada quien su gusto. Mi tía vive en Barcelona. Anyway, yeah I like transformers, just not a lot. I can only watch movies when Big Mami and Big Papi can babysit. I got cap2 and xmen dofp figured out, maybe I'll bring my oldest son and my nephew to watch Spider-Man, and bring my don to watch guardians. Tgosec2 movies my wife is not interested in. She doesn't care about xmen either but it's our anniversary. Ciao!

That trailer looks really good. Possibly, an X-Men movie that raises it's head above mediocre? I can only hope.

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