New hints of an X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover movie

News Ryan Lambie 7 Jan 2014 - 08:12

Could an X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover movie be in the offing? It's certainly being considered, a new report claims...

Ever since Marvel found a way to successfully create an interlocking series of movies, all leading up to The Avengers, other studios have been trying to think of their own franchises along a similar template.

We've already heard that Wonder Woman will appear in next year's Batman Vs Superman, with the possibility of her own solo outing if her character is deemed a success. Then there's the talk of establishing a Venom spin-off from the Spider-Man franchise, and the possibility of a Drew Goddard-helmed Sinister Six movie.

In a story over at The Hollywood Reporter, it's suggested that Fox is looking to create a crossover movie with the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg is quoted as saying, "I have a lot of ideas on how to build those brands and do what everybody is thinking of these days: Be like Marvel."

That crossover's heavily reliant, of course, on the success of 2015's Fantastic Four, which is being directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank and written by Kinberg himself. It's not the first time that talk has surfaced about such a crossover, and with good reason: Fox currently owns the rights to both properties, and if executed well, the financial rewards could be huge.

Or, as Fantastic Four producer Mark Millar puts it, "Marvel's success is there to be emulated. It would be crazy not to."

More news on this as it comes in.


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My personal feeling is the new FF film will tank at the box office. I just don't think there is much goodwill left for the characters since the last outing. Just let it revert to Marvel

I'm glad Nolan didn't have that attitude after watching Batman & Robin!

Its got a good director but F4 is always going to be a harder sell then Xmen so pairing them makes commercial sense. Having said that I thought that the Spiderman reboot would tank so it seems that there is no limit for Marvel films at the minute (when was the last one that took less than $300 million)?

I personally don't think I can take much more of X-Men. And we are yet to see how the Fantastic 4 reboot goes.

I really loved 'First Class', and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel. But now they are shoving in characters from the old X-Men films, I just can't seem to get that excited by it now.

First Class is good enough to stand on it's old merit, I don't think we really needed to bring the 'older' X-Men into play.

Or maybe it will be great and it's just Wolverine I am sick of seeing...?

I'm placing my bets that it's gonna be great, but I do agree with you that it's that little kitten they've brought to the big screen that we're tired of seeing.

Batman has a bigger fanbase than Fantastic Four

I'm guessing it was "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"

I don't know, the last two FF movies grossed around half a billion Dollars world wide, FF2 was abut 50 million short of 1 but also we are in the post Avengers era, I think a movie like this released at the right time (and critically that, at the very least, getting respectable reviews) could do pretty well.

It also depends on whether the genre has peaked yet, I'm guessing that we'll hit burn out on Comic book super hero movies at some time.

But the point I was making is that Batman & Robin effectively ruined the franchise so badly that no one else dared make another Batman film as it was so poor. But look how happy we are that someone finally did!

I just checked (I'm a geek like that), and 'Fantastic 4' actually made more money worldwide than Batman & Robin.

So even with a larger fanbase, it failed to beat Fantastic 4.

I've sorta lost the point I was trying to make but there ya go. Haha

If they want to hint at a shared space they just need to put Franklin Richards in Days of Future Past. He has an interesting role in the future timeline and wouldn't be that difficult to put into the prison break scene.

You have to remember that Fantastic 4 was released around 10 years after Batman and Robin, so you have to account for increased market growth and inflation when comparing the numbers of films when they are more than 2 or 3 years apart.
When Batman and Robin was released only 3 films managed to make more than $400 million at the Box Office, with most of the top averaging between 300 and 200 million.
In 2005 only 2 films in the top 10 made less than 400 million, both being under by around 30 million, with the top being made up primarily of films which made between 700 million and 400 million.
So even though Batman Forver and Batman and Robin killed alot of fan goodwill for the character, adjusting for inflation, Batman and Robin still performed better than Fantastic 4.

The fact that Fantastic Four performed so poorly, to the point where it is comparable to Batman and Robin, does show the limited appeal of the characters outside the comics. Which doesn't bode well for the upcoming adaptation like bakhesh suggests.

But it didn't perform that poorly? It did well enough to earn itself a sequel.

Rebooting Fantastic 4 to me seems like what they had to do with Spiderman.

It's a smart idea.

It made $330 Million on a $100 Million budget, taking into account theatre earnings and marketing costs, and that shows that it very likely barely broke even.
Which relatively speaking is a fairly poor performance, but not terrible. It is the type of box-office performance where a sequel is green-lit because it shows the potential to make a profit, along with the fact that if they did not make more films they would loose the rights to the Fantastic 4/ Silver Surfer etc.

I personally don't think it'll Trank at the box office. And if it does? At least i'll have coined a new phrase. My feeling is that it will both look better (gaining the trust of the masses) and BE better (gaining ours). I'm just guessing.

I would have preferred them to revert to marvel. They just make more sense to me in the avengers' world than the xmen's. However, I don't want them to fail again and go to marvel, and be rebooted in 2025. Fantastic 8 is bad enough. Fantastic 12? Sheesh!

DofP is exciting because of the story. Apocalypse is exciting because it's about time. Xmen meet fantastic four? Sorry, but if wolverine don't wear his costume, then he and Thing fighting will not feel like it's coming straight out of the pages of the comics the way say Thor vs Hulk did on the helicarrier (no helmet but hey even with the helmet you can see his face). Put a mask on Hugh.

"..taking into account theatre earnings and marketing costs.." If you want to make things complicated, you also must take account other income revenues (toys, home video sales, sales of TV rights etc). Generally speaking US box office/production budget is good enough indicator of movie's success. Things will get very complicated very fast once you start including other incomes and costs.

Alright using US Box-Office it made $150 Million, on a $100 Million budget.
It is important though to take into account, at the very least, theatre earnings when looking at the success of a film because the theatres take around 50% of a films final box-office so a film with a $100 Million budget, generally needs to make $200 Million before it is considered to have broken even.
I referred to marketing costs as something else that should be acknowledged, because these costs are covered directly by its final box-office earnings (and they are part of the reason why a film like John Carter was seen as a huge flop, the marketing budget was so astronomically high they couldn't hope to cover it unless the film was a huge success.)

Other markets like Toys and the Home-Video market have their own expenses and profit built in because they are selling a physical product, rather than relying on the profits of the film to help them break would only count them against the success of a film if the Toy sales were astronomically high (such is the case with Cars.)

This is the other reason I think it might fail. Good movies happen because someone has a good idea for a movie. Bad movies happen because studios decide they HAVE to make it (or lose the rights), and try to throw any old rubbish together..

At last, the crossover no one has been asking for!

If at first you don't succeed try try and try again. But they should lessen the Wolverine screen time.They seriously should cut down on Wolverine. It's getting unhealthy. Seriously. Enough is enough.

I thought this had been debunked?!

What needs to be considered is that even though Sony and Fox have the right to make movies based on certain Marvel properties, Marvel still has right of approval and profit sharing. So before an X-Man/FF crossover can be released, Disney/Marvel have to consider whether it makes sense, whether it is potentially harmful to the brand, and if waiting ten years for the rights to revert is a better option than immediately getting half of the net profit.

Love the idea. Any Chance Spider-Man can get in on this action?

They didn't 'have' to reboot Spider-Man, they just needed to stop meddling with Raimi's films. If they hadn't, Spider-Man 3 wouldn't have had venom (or dark/emo peter parker) and we'd all be saying how awesome John Malkovich was as Vulture in Spider-Man 4, and looking forward to the 5th film. But the studio got greedy, wanted a spin-off and shoved venom in there.

Actually Hollywood considers a film a successful and profitable film if it makes three times its production costs which this did. A film that it should be compared to is Batman Begins which came out around the same time frame. Fantastic Four made more money than Batman Begins. Remember at the time Warner Brothers were saying that the film cost £200 million although they have rounded it down to £150 million now according to Box Office Mojo and added on the production costs to Superman Returns which they now say cost them £270 million. At the time Superman was said to have cost £200 million and made more money than Batman Begins as well. More importantly put more bums on seats. Dark Knight had the Heath Ledger affect which seemed to increase Batmans fanbase to massive proportions which it held on to. Also FF was one of the biggest selling DVD's worldwide at the time so you can double its box office since then. Extremely profitable overall. Same goes for Batman Begins Superman Returns etc. There have been no real flops in the superhero world due to huge DVD sales and after box office sales of the films.

It would be incredibly stupid for the guys over at Fox not to do this. Fans would love it! Jesus reboot Fantastic 4 and get to work on F4 vs XM.

That's incorrect. Fox does not need any confirmation with anyone afflicted with Marvel/ Disney with their characters. They bought them, they can do whatever they like with them.

If FOX continue to make films then waiting is not an option for Disney/Marvel.

Dean, sorry to burst your bubble, but the scene for X-men was only in there due to contract reasons, and doesn't mean there will be a team up with Spidey and the X-Men

They don't fully own the characters, if Marvel/disnet wanted to make an X men TV show they can, they just can't make a film

Wow this could be a cool crossover! But the casting of FF reboot sucks...

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