Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen on X-Men: Days Of Future Past

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19 Dec 2013 - 07:08

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been chatting about their return to the X-Men movie franchise...

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have been chatting about X-Men: Days Of Future Past which will see them share screen time with younger actors playing the characters the pair first brought to the big screen. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will themselves be reprising the respective roles of Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr.

The were asked by the Wall Street Journal if they were required to sync up with their younger counterparts when making the new film, to which McKellen replied "no. It’s up to them to sync up with us". Stewart added that "we came first".

Unlike Stewart, McKellen doesn’t share screen time with his younger counterpart.

That Stewart and McAvoy share the screen in X-Men: Days Of Future Past has been revealed in the trailers, and McAvoy has said that they both portray very different versions of the character. Stewart added that "James and I come not just face-to-face, but nose-to-nose almost. When we shot that scene, it was James’s first day of work on the movie, and it was my last day. So I was saying goodbye to X-Men, and he was saying hello".

X-Men:Days Of Future Past is released in May 2014. We'll have a lot more on the film closer to release...

Wall Street Journal

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