X-Men: Days Of Future Past sequel confirmed for 2016

News Simon Brew 6 Dec 2013 - 06:47

Bryan Singer reveals that X-Men: Apocalypse is heading to cinemas in 2016...

20th Century Fox has no intention of letting the rights lapse to X-Men anytime soon, and the studio has announced, via director Bryan Singer, a brand new movie in the series.

The new film will be called X-Men: Apocalypse, and already has a scheduled release date of May 27th 2016 in the US. That'd mean, we'd guess, that the next Wolverine feature is going to slot in either in 2015 or 2017. Don't be surprised if it's the former.

The title gives at least a little bit of the game away. Apocalypse is an ancient mutant in the world of X-Men, and a formidable foe for the X-Men to face off against. The suggestion is that the film will follow the Age Of Apocalypse narrative, and that Days Of Future Past's ending may well set up a lead into the next film.

Details are scarce at the moment, but Singer's simple Tweet certainly helped keep the internet bubbling over for a bit!

More news on the film as we get it.


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Exciting! With sequels announced before films even come out at the moment though, I do feel like something is gonna flop hugely and burst the bubble at some point...

Apocalypse and Mr Sinister (and Sabretooth) are the best!

Had a feeling this might be the case, they followed a similar arc in Wolverine in the X-Men (then cancelled it), where they try to alter the past/future and ended up in the AoA. Got very excited when I saw Singer tweet yesterday.

I had pretty much written off the x-franchise, but the last Wolverine film, while not perfect, felt like a step in the right direction. I still think DoFP has a huge mountain to climb, but this could be very interesting

They should change the announcement to "Confirmed! but box office dependent..."

If Apocalypse is featured, then Cyclops and Jean Grey MUST return, for they are the most essential to a story featuring Apocalypse (their bloods mixed by Mister Sinister produced Cable who proved to be Apocalypse's greatest threat).
Don't screw up, Singer.

Its all getting out of hand, trailers and release dates for trailers, sequels confirmed before release of a movie, the world has gone c c c crazyy

Did you not enjoy X-Men: First Class?

This is all getting a bit out of hand.


Ben Foster = Archangel!

ya know, I wouldn't be surprised if Fox started releasing 2 movies a year. It's not like Sony with just Spider-Man, for now anyway. With Xmen and Xforce and the many characters therein, they could do it.

On the other hand, they probably want to keep their movies spaced out to keep the rights.

Keep the mutants. Just give em the Fantastic Four. Skrulls make more sense in the Avengers' movieverse

The DOFP box office would only fail in some alternate universe, where a bearded, olive green drab JFK rules the world with an iron fist...action figure.

As a standalone movie, XM:FC is decent, but they made absolutely no attempt to fit it into the existing x-continuity. The production of the movie was rushed through in a ridiculously short amount of time (under a year), and it was like they could be bothered. I get a bit annoyed by that, because it feels that they are insulting my intelligence by expecting me not to notice.

Days of Future past seems to be a hugely ambitious attempt to set this right though, so I'm hoping it will make XM:FC good again, retroactively.

Simon Kinberg has just been announced as the Whedon or Goyer over Xmen and Fantastic Four's expanded universe. Thing is, will he be more Whedon, or Goyer?

Wow, more. What would happen with characters like Xavier and Magneto? Would they bring McKellen and Stewart back again? They are getting on a bit aren't they...

I saw the sequel was already announced and thought, meh. Then I saw Apocalypse and thought YEAH!!!

lol whats the fricken exciting point about movies anymore!!!! Bring back the good old days when the movies at least had a plot. movies have finnally become a pure money making machine.

X-Men: Days of Future Past post-credit scene:

"Last of the credits roll and the screen goes dark, suddenly it opens on a huge vast desert and then settles on a wall of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The symbols seem to picture some sort of powerful being. Screen goes black"


Then the camera zooms out again and up on a sand dune, with his back towards us, a man in nomadic apparel, staring at said wall, turns his head like Thanos, and his eye twinkles, um, brighter than Thanos, and he, scratches his face! Yeah, metal hand, good, now it's not copying Avengers.

Forget I said anything.

Apocalypse is my favorite big bad. I've been wanting to see him on the big screen since Patrick Stewart lost the use if his legs. I also always wanted to see Dolph Lundgren as Omega Red, but I might as well wait for Stallone to undergo adamantium/bone fusion. It would either mark stallone's comeback or Wolverine's first box office bomb.

This movie will either be the stepping stone for X-Force and set up Cable as a character, or will be part of a link with the X-Force movie. Can't see the AoA story being used as that would mean no McAvoy and makes Fasbenders misguided Magneto less compelling. More likely to set this in the 80's (FC is in the 60's and DOFP is in the 70's), bringing in the Mauruders, Sinister and a time hopping Cable. They could then bring in a young Storm, Jean and Cyclops with a team heading more in the direction of Singers first X-Men.

Lets be sensible here though - most the old X-men (The reason most people are watching the movie) are not actually interacting with their old selves.

The older Magnito for example only appears for the first 10 minutes according to the actor.

That's a good point. We already know its another Woolforbrains vehicle, SOP. Can't argue witcha, as I would really like to see what you're describing.

OOF Lundgren would be awesome

I know huh! I know people think Viggo Mortensen would make a good Doctor Strange, but I can see him as Mr. Sinister. Apocalypse should be Mo-Cap, with the voice of Xerxes from 300, deep but intelligible, unlike Megatron or Bane.
And somebody call Liev Schrieber. Such a good Sabretooth.

Have to agree with the general sentiment regarding announcing sequels to films that haven't even been released yet. That's, what, two more Spider-Man sequels and One more X-Men sequel annoounced, and that's before we even get to see the current films. I appreciate that some of this is driven by a need to pre-book those key release dates but, to my mind, this only leads to rushed productions and that is never a good thing. It also adds to the 100% franchise approach that has dominated over the past few years, which in turns sounds the death knell for original material. It almost makes me hope that one of these falls flat on its face so the studios realise there is no such thing as a sure thing.
Back to the immediate story - Apocalypse would likely have to be largely/solely CGI which makes me shudder (and not from joy). Maybe he could be a background controlling character, but a film with no real human interaction would bother me. Maybe Mr Sinister could have the main role here? As for AoA, I can't see that working [possible spoilers ahead if you've never read AoA, in which case, go buy the omnibus, you're in for a treat]. The only reason it worked so well in the books was because it showed such a different take on established characters and roles. Aside from Wolverine, and maybe Xavier and Magneto, I don't think any other characters have been well established enough in the live action universe for us to notice any real change. Would anyone who'd just seen the films be shocked that, without Professor X, Havok and Cyclops were adopted by Sinister and worked for Apocalypse or even that McCoy was some kind of evil scientist or that Logan and Jean Grey had gone off together (and that's without noting that some of these wouldn't work within the current film world even if they did kill off Professor X at the end of DoFP)?


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