First trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past

News Simon Brew 29 Oct 2013 - 13:00

The wraps come off Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past, with the release of the first trailer. See it right here...

This summer's The Wolverine has clawed together enough money now to be the second biggest X-Men film ever at the global box office. The current leader? Er, Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand.

Perhaps the return of Bryan Singer to the X-Men series' director's chair though might power 2014's X-Men: Days Of Future Past to the top of the list, though. It's certainly an interesting mix he's put together, uniting the cast of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class with that of his own X-Men and X2 movies. So, thanks to a time travel mechanic, we get Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on one side of the metaphorical fence, and the likes of Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence on the other.

How will it all work out? Good question, and this first trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past offers a few clues. The film itself arrives next May, and here's a taste of what we've got to look forward to...

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Looks great. If they can pull this off it's going to be fantastic.

"Logan, I was a very different man." Yes, you were James McAvoy.

Didn't have time to finish the Sentinel CGI then eh? Not even a big foot?

The camera zooming out from Patrick Stewart's eyeball, pretty sure I've seen that done before on a different franchise...

I don't get how the older Prof X can return in his original body after his 'death' in X3. They had better have a worthwhile explanation and not just gloss over it.

looks really complicated

First thought? Beast's mouth looks right this time.

Need a Den of Geek breakdown on this bad boy! I'm excited but sceptical. Surely Vinny Jones as Juggernaut is returning after his last Oscar-worthy turn......

It feels refreshing to me to see a full length superhero trailer that focuses on character rather than just blowing stuff up and silly quips. I'm definitely game.

Isn't it the Comic Con trailer?

I like to think there will just be a sentence onscreen before the film starts that just says "Pretend X3 didn't happen, it's best for everyone involved". A much more enjoyable proposition...

I think this looks wonderful.

Is it the score from Sunshine? I know I know it from somewhere...

An understated, character-driven trailer? This just might be the best blockbuster trailer in a LONG time. Very excited for this.

Can someone please tell me what the music is, that is used in this trailer?

That music cut in the middle is bad .... really, really bad. I love the hearing the Sunshine soundtrack but that cut was awful.

It looks interesting, but I'm not hugely excited yet. Half excited, I guess. Intrigued, maybe.

John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)

It's from 'The thin Red Line' I thought it was 'Time' from Inception but they're both Hans Zimmer compositions so easy mistake

Edit: I'm wrong it is adagio in D Minor. tell you what listen to Time from Inception as well

The explanation should be X3 is S**T so we'll just forget that happened and heres Cyclops and Jean grey back too

Ooh that looks good.

Possible Spoiler in the question ahead:

I'm guessing air travel in an apocalyptic world isn’t going to be as clean and tidy as the airport indicated at the end of The Wolverine, so does anyone know how many years after that the “Future” parts are set?

Looks awesome... now please do not release any further footage so that we can enjoy the surprises.

The Cap trailer and now this have both been excellent and both moving away from the typical Blockbuster trailer. A new phase in superhero movies maybe?

They use an 'eyeball' zoom as the opening shot from the season 3 opener of The Walking Dead (if I recall correctly!)

Possible Spoiler -
I think it's an alternate time line.

The film looks good, although the trailer could have been better edited. As someone else mentioned the cut after Wolverine talks about patience is really bad, plus the soundtrack is slightly over used.
I'm also slightly confused about how Prof X is still alive, why they're wearing strange clothes in weird places etc. Maybe this is an alternate future time line caused by something that happened in the past? So to get things back to the way they should be they need to travel back in time.

There's a lot in this film, for instance the trailer didn't even mention the Sentinels or Trask Industries genetic work which seems like quite a big part of the plot. If they can pull this off, it could be one hell of a film.

After credits scene in X3 shows Prof X has placed his mind into the body of his brain dead twin being looked after by Moria McTaggert.

Ticket sold.

See my response to Owen for how Prof X is still "alive".

Bryan singer said at the San Diego comic con that he was going to undo the mistakes made in The Last Stand in this film. In all honesty it does look much better. I agree the trailer could be better but it has definitely peaked my interest.

With regards to Prof X still being alive, did you not see the ending to the last stand? at the end of the credits? When he dies prof X manages to move his conscientiousness into the body of a mutant with no upper brain functions, essentially a living body with no brain. When he moves into that he becomes prof X. What you don't realize is that (well in one story i know of anyway) that's prof x's twin brother.

I agree though, If Bryan pulls this off it will be one hell of a film.....arguably could be the single greatest X-Men long as he pulls it off!

Okay! I like it. Perhaps its because Singer has esembled every male actor I have ever fantasized about, but with that being said, even the story looks interesting. I'm buying my ticket.

... Sarcasm?

Juggernaught, bitch! Maybe they need a pumped up Aaron Paul? lol

That could be because the Special effects are not done . Bryan Singer mentioned as much on the twitter feed.

It's half of the main theme from the Danny Boyle movie "Sunshine" ... and then something else I don't recognise.

Oh my yes.

I meant eyeball zoom AND Patrick Stewart ;)

what mistakes

The most terrifying thought out of all of this is what the hell are we going to do after Sir Patrick Stewart is gone? The man is just incredible.

I'll just come out and say it; Picard's Borg nightmare in First Contact

Where the hell is Gambit?

It'll take a lot for them to redeem themselves for The Wolverine, but Fassbender might do it.

Am I the only person who could see Aaron Paul as a seriously badass Quiksilver in Age of Ultron? :D

He was talking about LOST, which used the eyeball zoom to open about half the episodes over 5 years, as also famously used the eyeball zoom in the final shot of the series. But thanks for sharing your vague memory of what may have happened once in a show your don't remember for sure.

you are not the only person! :)

VERY ambitious movie. I still remember reading DOFP (issues 141-142) just a few months after the Dark Pheonix saga concluded (issue 137). DOFP opened my eyes to what comic book story telling could become. Then Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns took it another step further 4 or 5 years later.

Looks good, I'm excited... but its not nearly as good as the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer!

Wolverine looks to have

***Spoiler for The Wolverine******

His adamantiam back on his claws, hard to tell but it flashed like silver

I think that last bit of music is from the Man of Steel trailer?

Yes, but it's still refreshing.

Been burned by Xmen movies too many times to get excited about this. Admittedly, Singer is the best director to have been involved, but he has set himself a monumental task here.

Part of the music was also in the very first trailer for Bay's Pearl Harbor movie.

oh lord, make or break time for the x-men franchise. the director and cast are as good as it gets so this is it, no excuses!

They also used it in Kick Ass (when hit girl is trying to rescue big daddy)

Phoenix Force

sweet. this is the thing I'm looking forward to the most for next year.

The whole movie, they could have done so much better with it.

The future outfits kinda echo The Age of Apocalype (a run of mid-90's X-Men comics) type look, which would tend to strengthen the idea and rumour that the future is set in an alternate timeline, don'tcha think? Wiki it's arse for details!

Who knows what's gonna come outta this clusterf*ck?

Anything featuring Dinklage with a porn 'stache has gotta be worth watching though!

It just seems that this is going to be a very busy film. I worry that too much is going to be crammed together and turn into a jumbled mess

Definitely agree; whilst I'm a big fan of the Marvel movies the constant humor is starting to grate, particularly after the trailers for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 hinted at a more adult tone. It's good to see the X-men, which has always had a deeper thematic undercurrent, taking itself more seriously.

Incidentally this is why I'm skeptical about the excellent Captain America trailer; Marvel seem to have a blatant disregard of the trade descriptions act.

I think it was used in Kick-ass as well.

This is the x-men film we've all been waiting for and hell it looks good!

To be honest, I was waiting for the one when they said that the Last Stand never happened and that it was just a dream, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Halle Berry has employed Scarlett's hairdresser from The Avengers by the looks of it.

Days of Future past might do that for you, or at least erase the time line ;)

Mad cheddar yo, bitch!

I've just watched this 5 times back to back..finally an X-Men movie we deserve..or is it just a good trailer? I hope it's a marvellous movie..can't wait to see it.

Will this one take into consideration the events in 'The Last Stand' or just ignore them completely? If the former a pity, if the latter hurrah!

If it turns out as good as hoped for, DOFP should really be the end of the whole X-Men franchise, end it on a high note... beginning with 'First Class', continuing with the 2000 original, followed by X2, and climaxing with DOFP... with this year's Wolverine movie as a nice side-story... there's a pretty decent saga right there!

Ignore Prof x's death but keep Slim and Jean dead... Deal.

I hate to agree with you guys, so I won't. Jk, I do, and it surprises me, because the MCU is great. But Patrick Stewart.

I'm gonna join ya in that. No more dofp trailers for me. This one has me amped.

I saw a blue big foot.

And why isn't he played by Adrian Paul?

And Angel. I know, he was introduced in x3. So what? It's Ben Foster. And give em a few lines other than SQUAWK!!!

Overtly melodramatic trailer. But looking forward to it.

Those 2 and gotg next year!

cant believe i'm agreeing, as i love x-men, and cap not so much, but your right



he came back at the end of the credit of x-3

And Logan was surprised to see him alive in the stinger of The Wolverine, which was precisely a DoFP tie-in.

• He said "The camera zooming out from Patrick Stewart's eyeball" not "The camera zooming out from 'someone's' eyeball"
• Patrick Stewart wasn't in LOST.
• Star Trek: First Contact begins with Picard having a nightmare about his time as Locutus. The camera zooms out of his eyeball to reveal he is in an Borg regeneration alcove.

His body, I mean. I know I know, he transferred his mind to Patrick Stewart's body.

Emma frost has projected a mental image of a younger self onto those around her in the old man logan comic, may be something like that?

My guess is all this alternate universe stuff comes from someone else tampering with time. Trask? So prof X never died.
Well wolverine can't really fix it, just create a new timeline.

No you didn't.

Yeah, it was just Super Grover, my mistake.

Bryan Singer has said that he intends to 'correct' the mistakes of Last Stand, I think? But I don't think it'd be fair to discount it. The Wolverine already made it obvious that things like Jean's death are still very much part of the continuity. Besides, the filmmakers have to think that, despite the general nerd consensus damning the whole thing, Last Stand is quite possibly liked or at least regarded as canon by some portion of the audience. I think an internal retcon via the time travel mechanic is just a better idea for film that to ignore one film that had two films made before it and two made after it which essentially solidify its canonicity.

There is time travel, so please clean up the continuity errors, please!

Saw this trailer for the very first time a just few hours ago........satisfactory.
I've recently become acquainted again with the first two X-Men movies, also directed by Singer, and, I have to be honest, upon watching X2 again, I actually felt a sense of regret, for the franchise's sake.
There was a such part of me, when watching, wishing that the franchise hadn't continued the way it had, all those years ago, beginning with The Last's hoping, now, finally, with the return of Singer, that at least if nothing more the current X-Men franchise will get the actual Last Stand that it deserves.

In a perfect world it would be the mistake of jumping off 'Last Stand' and making that god awful Superman movie.

The x-men's rich history allows for stories to be interpreted in multiple ways. To be sure this is a more psychological approach but it is no less valid and true to the story's root than the alien creature that possesses people

the same could be said for the majority of films in history

Ok, but have you read the Dark Phoenix Saga? There was so much they could have used with Jean Grey's character from that than they did, she was relegated to generic baddie by the end of the film when she should have been the focus.

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