Meet the main characters of The Wolverine

News Simon Brew
2 Jul 2013 - 06:11

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine arrives back in cinemas this month. And we've got new banners if you want to see who'll be joining him...

The Wolverine doesn't quite sign summer blockbuster season off this year, thanks to one or two promising releases being lined up for August (top of the list: Elysium). But it's the last big comic book movie of the season, and it's one we're keen to see. The film was in gestation for some time before it landed at the door of director James Mangold, and on July 26th, we finally get to see the big screen take on the story of Wolverine heading to Japan.

To whet your appetite, a bunch of new character banners have appeared online (over at IGN). So without further ado...


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