Meet the main characters of The Wolverine

News Simon Brew 2 Jul 2013 - 06:11

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine arrives back in cinemas this month. And we've got new banners if you want to see who'll be joining him...

The Wolverine doesn't quite sign summer blockbuster season off this year, thanks to one or two promising releases being lined up for August (top of the list: Elysium). But it's the last big comic book movie of the season, and it's one we're keen to see. The film was in gestation for some time before it landed at the door of director James Mangold, and on July 26th, we finally get to see the big screen take on the story of Wolverine heading to Japan.

To whet your appetite, a bunch of new character banners have appeared online (over at IGN). So without further ado...


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With the exception of Wolverine, I have no idea who any of those characters are supposed to be.

It seems like the most self conscious effort at trying to forget the past that I've seen in comic book films. Wolverine Origins, crammed with recognizable characters. The Wolverine, old man Logan meets Jabawockeez unmasked. It's like Gran Torino for mutants.

ugh... the veins in that last pic. oh, god, the veins. like spaghetti draped over boulders. not good.

there are various random characters looking forlorn and/or menacing, that's all we need to know.

Only superhero comics junkies (a tiny, tiny portion of ticket sales for these movies) know who these folks are, and then only once they've been ID'd. Superhero movies no longer count on people in their audience knowing who the characters are as they did with the old Batman (Joker!), Superman (Lex Luthor!) movies. Superhero comics nowadays sell in the tens to, RARELY, hundreds of thousands of copies at 4 bucks a copy, for a few ten thousand to EXTREMELY RARELY a few hundred thousands of gross profit each.

In contrast, the Disney/Marvel Avengers movie's gross profit worldwide was something like a BILLION dollars gross off a single film, not counting merchandise, and there's going to be at least two more of them. We're talking the annual entire gross domestic product of a tiny country here. Are the people who Disney/Marvel need to make Guardians of the Galaxy profitable gonna know who the Guardians are? Of course not. No one knew who the hell Iron Man was either, let alone Hawkeye. Fox knows this so they can use however many B-list characters they have film rights for.

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