When is X-Men: Days Of Future Past set?

News Simon Brew 31 Jan 2013 - 07:09
X-Men: First Class

A new casting call has revealed just how far after X-Men: First Class the new movie, Days Of Future Past, will be set...

Director Bryan Singer is knee-deep in preparation work for the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, with production due to start shortly. And a new casting call for the film, as picked up by the folks at Comic Book Movie, has revealed in what era the bulk of the film will be set.

According to the casting call, lots of extras are going to be needed for the Montreal part of the shoot during April and August 2013. And it says that "most of the film takes place in 1973", which sets it a decade after X-Men: First Class.

Matthew Vaughn had suggested during the press tour for First Class that he'd like to tackle the 1970s for the next film. Turns out that even though Vaughn isn't directing, that's just what is happening...

Comic Book Movie.

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I'm interested to see how everything comes together, but considering the acting talent behind this film, it should at the very least be enjoyably.

Hoorah! I always celebrate whenever my birth year or date is mentioned in a movie or book. (I carry my scars with pride!)

Just recently I also noticed that the climax of 'All the presidents men' happened around then (even though technically the climax unfolded over a couple of years and was just a teletype message) and in the 'Fellowship of the Ring' (movie) they set out from Rivendell as near as dammitt!

I wish they'd reboot the entire X-Men movie franchise and actually put some thought into the game plan. First Class was was good right up until the last twenty minutes "quick, we're running out of time, get McAvoy into a wheelchair and Fassbender into a purple cape!" For once, there was a story that could have been told in more than one film.

I thought that was 3018 in the Third Age of Arda or 1418 by Shire Reckoning

Lol well the year is possibly out by a bit but apparently the months and days are the same. I just double checked online though and in actuality although the movie implies that the fellowship leave Rivendell immediately after the Council of Elrond (Oct 25th) the real date was actually Christmas Day!

Oh well!

true. there could have been more than one movie. If we're supposed to expect that film to form the basis of a lifelong love/hate friendship, it's pretty flimsy.

They should at least have implied there were time periods where they could have gone off and done other stuff. Although perhaps the bonding took place as they were searching for mutants, they did seem to have quite a rapport as they recruited Angel.

What I found most difficult to buy was Mystique as Xavier's adopted sister.

That said I still enjoyed the ending for the drama, but would like to have seen more in between the recruiting and the forming of the Brotherhood..

Ok, can someone please ............. for the love of all that is (un)holy, please explain how this is all going to fit together within the series?

I take it we're ignoring Wolverine Origins now? What about X3? Come on Singer, throw me a freaking bone here!

The whole X-Men timeline is a mess at the moment. 'Days of Future Past' has to fix things. For example: Xavier's ability to walk in Origins: Wolverine and X-Men 3 and Xavier's and Eric's rebounding somewhere before the reqruitement of Jean/Phoenix in the flashback in X-Men 3. With the timetravel element in this story it would be possible to fix these and many more problems.

This movie is going to be a mess. Shame, too, First Class was... First Class!

Maybe in an alternate universe.

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