X-Men: Days Of Future Past adds familiar faces

News Simon Brew 28 Jan 2013 - 06:43
The cast of X-men 3

More names from the original X-Men movie trilogy join Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past...

Bryan Singer is getting closer and closer to shooting the follow-up to X-Men: First Class, with X-Men: Days Of Future Past heading into production soon.

As well as the bulk of the First Class cast appearing, the plot this time - which involves time travel elements - will bring in faces from the original X-Men trilogy (of which Singer directed the first two outings). As such, we've already heard that Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are involved. But Singer has now announced on his Twitter feed that Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Rashmore are returning too.

Paquin will be playing Rogue again, Page is back as Shadowcat, while Ashmore will be reprising the role of Iceman. In his Tweet, Singer thanks Brett Ratner for letting them live in X-Men: The Last Stand, which suggests that the characters he did bump off are going to stay dead (in spite of the time travel mechanic).

More news on X-Men: Days Of Future Past as we get it. The film is set for release on July 18th 2014.


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Bloody hell the cast is getting bigger and bigger, I hope it works the best thing about First Class was Fassbenders performance as Magneto would hate to see him drowned out amongst so many characters.

if the ones that died are staying dead then Patrick Stewart won't be in the movie. Because Professor X dies in X-3.

Fair point, they did throw an extra scene on the end credits showing he had transferred his mind into the body of the guy we could see in a coma on the video during his lesson, in the commentary it is explained that this was the body of Xaviers braindead twin brother. The whole idea is just really naff but it looks like Singer is going to have to slip that whole story in, god its going to be fun watching them explain that!

yeah that should be interesting.

That's good; I was beginning to wonder what had happened to Ellen Page.

So far, so good. How involved these other characters will be is up for debate though.

They could be bringing them back in order to kill them off as a means of raising the stakes for the future. I fully expect that this will end up in a reboot that will allow them to move forward with a mixed cast from the old and new casts.

3 hr movie anyone

Really hope you're talking about Shawn Ashmore...what a typo :\

Hopefully cyclops had a comatose twin not including his non twin brother havoc. He died too crapilly for me. Same as Darwin in a way. Whatever happened to decapitation while spinning lasers cut down nuclear power... Ok, never mind. But how's about storm n colossus? Crowded, shmowded, It never bothered me in the comics or the cartoon. And truly last stands beast was better than xmen first class's. dudes face looked like Jim Carrey on the grinch

I was annoyed with Darwin dying. I understand that you need to kill off characters to raise the stakes but Darwin is probably my favourite superhero made in the last ten years. He has such random powers that should have had a chance to explore.

i'd love to see Jennifer Lawrence back as Mystique. she's one of the best young actresses around at the moment. It would be cool if they brought back Daniel Cudmore who played Colossus in the second X-men film as well.

The more I hear about this the less excited I am for it. I didn't really like Singer's X-Men tbh, but I loved First Class. Now it just seems like we're going back in the past.

The more I hear about this film, the less excited I am about it...

I'm worried that it's going to become too crowded, plus (if we're assuming that this film is the second in a trilogy) maybe this big "come-together" should have been saved up for Part 3?

Back to the past? Or Back... TO THE FUTURE!

I think this movie has about a 1 in 100 chance of being an absolute masterclass in film making, managing to balance a huge cast of characters, while at the same time cleverly disentangling the worst movie continuity in recent memory, leaving the franchise fresh and revived, and ready to go on from decades to come.

Unfortunately, the other 99 chances are for a cinematic clusterfuck of epic proportions.

she was just in the most recent woody allen film that came out last year aswell

I'm surprised Page agreed to appear in X-Men again. I read an interview where she basically said "never again." Maybe she was contracted to do so. In X-Men 3 it was certainly a waste of her talents...

UGH IHATE ELLEN PAIGE AS KITTY PRYDE. I would rather have no Kitty at all than have her........ And I love Kitty Pryde.

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