Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen join X-Men: Days Of Future Past

News Simon Brew 28 Nov 2012 - 07:08
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Bryan Singer confirms the return of Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to the X-Men franchise...

Work is ramping up on X-Men: First Class follow-up X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and Bryan Singer has been Tweeting updates from his freshly-created Twitter account.

The film is set to shoot early next year ahead (production is due to start around March), and Singer has firstly confirmed the unsurprising news that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are amongst the returnees for the new film.

He’s also broken the news, though, that both Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be returning to the X-Men franchise.

Days Of Future Past will see old and new versions of the characters of Magneto and Professor X, and this is clearly the film that ties the earlier X-Men movies to these new ones. Singer also teases that more announcements, presumably of this ilk, are to come. Which other X-Men trilogy cast members will be returning, we wonder.

You can find Bryan Singer on Twitter, here.

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Am I the only one who would rather see a clean reboot than trying to tie these new movies into the original 3 movies ?

But that's the beauty of DOFP: you can have both in a strange, fractured timeline, where each set of X-Men are additionally fighting to save their version of events. This, like Abrams did with Star Trek, allows the producers to recognise both sets of films yet still have a fresh re-boot. Wonderful.

hmm. I'm half and half. I'd like to see how it goes.

I'm with you on this, what they did with Star Trek was a masterstroke and doing the same with X-Men will silence all those whining about continuity...

So this is basically Bryan Singer's way of totally ret-conning "X3: The Last Stand" then? I look forward to the crazy cluster f*** that is about to ensue!

Presumably this will allow the existing Trilogy to have occured in an alternative timeline to First Class, making both valid but freeing up future X-Men film from continuity issues (as long as future films don't contradict FC and DOFP).

If that's how it plays out then I can accept that and there's no reason why they can't do it again with future reboots where McAvoy and Fassbender can play McKellen/Stewart roles.

The X-Men have almost become synonymous with alternate universe storylines in the comics (Age of Apocalypse, House of M, Age of X etc) so there are still plenty of opportunities for reboot stories to come.

I'd be very happy if we just wiped Last Stand from the face of the earth. Next, to deal with Origins: Wolverine.....

The main problem I had with First Class is that they rushed the whole story to fit into one film when they could have easily spread it out. "We're running low on time, get McAvoy into a wheelchair and Fassbender into a purple cape in the last 20 minutes." I'm surprised the end credits didn't role over McAvoy shaving his hair off.

£5 says it won't stop 'em

I've heard one theory that DOFP will end up in modern time with a mix-and-matched cast of new and old faces from the previous films (made possible via time-travelling to alternative time lines within the film).

This allows them to cherry-pick exactly who they want and plop them down into a new timeline for all-new films. So, for example, we could end up at the end of DOFP with Stewart as Prof. X and Fassbender as Magneto for future films, etc....

So if Wolverine will be set after X-Men3, where do we think the Fantastic Four reboot will end up fitting in (since it will be part of this shared universe)...

I hated the whole "Commie" angle of "First Class" - Pretty much made that film wholly unenjoyable for me. In the 80's that kind of story would have been more appropriate, just thought it had no place in the world of the 21st century as we've moved WAY past the cold war.

IF THEY DO THIS RIGHT - It has the potential for being the best of all X-Men films. This is the storyline where Wolverine gets killed, and a lot of stories from that comic-book era point to DOFP, Wolverine finding his own skull in a cave, etc.

Basically is was a mistake for Bryan Singer to try to do Superman - He has always been the best director for The X-Men, and his X-2 is the best one of all of them so far.

I am so glad he is able to bring the two original actors for the two main characters back into the story, I can't wait to see the end result!

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