Patrick Stewart teases possible X-Men return

News Simon Brew 27 Sep 2012 - 07:39

Could Patrick Stewart be back as Professor X in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past?

Last seen as Professor X in X-Men: The Last Stand – the most commercially successful, and worst, film in the X-Men series to date (complete with a post-end credits scene, of course) – the mighty Patrick Stewart has been linked with a return to the franchise. Speculation rose when it was revealed that the next X-Men movie, a sequel to First Class, would be called X-Men: Days Of Future Past. The comic book that shares its name has a time travel element to it, and thus it’s teased the idea that James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier may well share the movie with Patrick Stewart’s take on the character.

At the Montreal Comic Convention, as reported by Newsarama, Patrick Stewart took part in a panel discussion, and the question of his return to X-Men came up. A fan asked whether he’d be reprising the role of Professor X, and Stewart replied “I think there is every possibility”, seemingly confirming the rumour.

Of course, nothing’s been officially announced yet, and the film isn’t due to start shooting under next January, with Matthew Vaughn returning to direct. When we get confirmation, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, Newsarama’s report is a really good read. You can find it here.

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I'm pretty darn sure that a wheelchair-less Prof X turned up at the end of X-men Origins: Wolverine! (Which takes place after First Class; Maybe that gunshot wound wasn't that bad after all.)

THANKFULLY, that's a spin-off that both movies and fans are willing to overlook in the mythology. I'm completely satisfied with how First Class fitted nicely into 1-3. Wolverine is an abomination, the quicker its forgotten, the better.

You say that, but he was walking in the flashbacks in Last Stand when he and Erik go to see a young Jean Grey...

Xavier also has a history of being wheelchair bound then able to walk again ad infinitum.

The wheelchair look is iconic but he does have periods where he gets healed through some MacGuffin or other.

First Class does not fit in X1-3 continuity at all (Xavier's legs, Cerebro, Magneto's helmet, Moira, the flashback visit to Jean Grey in X3 etc.). Origins Wolverine fits better into X1-3 continuity but still has some problems. I have no problem with McAvoy and Stewart sharing a film but it would be better to acknowledge that it is an independant continuity.

Am I the only one who gets really annoyed by the complete lack of continuity in the franchise? I don't mind the odd continuity glitch in a movie at all. It can even be fun inventing your own logic to get around it, but it's like they aren't even trying any more. Personally, I find that a bit insulting to my intelligence.

As they are now adding time travel to the sequel of a prequel that is still a prequel, I have no confidence at all that this movie will make any sense within the context of the other movies (if Matthew Vaughn can pull that off, he should get an oscar).

If Fox are admitting that Wolverine and X3 were so bad, they just didn't happen, well OK, that's fine. A lot of other people seem to be of that opinion too. One condition though, you have to refund everyone's ticket money. If they 'don't exist', why should we have paid for it?

"X-Men: The Last Stand – the most commercially successful, and worst, film in the X-Men series to date"

Bullshit. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' was far worse.

"X-Men: The Last Stand – the most commercially successful, and worst, film in the X-Men series to date " ..... REALLY??? You think X3 was worse than Origins??

up yours you sanctimonious prick
a movie gives you a beautiful story
that lauds forgiveness self-improvement
freedom of choice and your response is to
call it the worst
go to hell

Well apart from Cyclops getting roasted in Act 1, I thought X3 was the best of the first three. Wolverine was better than I thought it would be, and First Class was close to genius. Eh, that's just me though. Never understood the X3 hate tbh.

First Class

Well the reason behind the X3 hate is down to the fact they killed off Cyclops....quite quickly too, and then they killed Jean/Pheonix which kind of limits where they can go with the major stories for X-Men as they are 2 very important characters! plus Cyclops was portrayed all wrong! as yes he would have been devasted by the loss of Jean, but not a whining little bitch about it. Then to top it off they killed Xavier! and took away (well sort of) Magneto's powers.....just wrong....totally wrong!

I thought Last Stand was borderline offensive and also undid a lot of the great work that had been done in X-Men 1 and 2. Wolverine, on the other hand, was just boring.

nah they're just films. enjoy them for what they are.

Yep, perfect list order!

It's moments like these where 'LOL' becomes appropriate :-/

It was the worst. (Vinnie Jones?). I didn't hate it like a lot of others but the ball was certainly dropped after the brilliance of the first two.

It's moments like these where 'LOL' is acceptable :-/

It was the worst. (Vinnie Jones?). I didn't hate it as much as anyone else but the ball was certainly dropped after the brilliance of the first two.

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