Terrific new character posters for Wreck-It Ralph

Poster Simon Brew
19 Sep 2012 - 06:47

Sonic, M Bison, Dr Robotnik and more turn up in a collection of new character posters for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph...

Character posters for animated films are a bit of a tired way of going about promoting such movies now, but it'd be a geek with a heart of stone not to make an exception to that thought for Wreck-It Ralph.

Disney's upcoming animated film set in the world of videogames is all but finished (we were told this week that the picture will be finally locked the first week of October), ahead of its US release in early November. Sadly, we have to wait until 15th February for a UK roll-out. Permit us a bit of a sulk about that.

Still, the reason we're here is the Wreck-It Ralph character posters, with a few videogame favourites being thrust into the limelight. Take a look at these, and we'll have a lot more on Wreck-It Ralph in due course...

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