Director found for World War Z 2

News Simon Brew 11 Dec 2013 - 06:28

The man who brought The Impossible and The Orphanage to the screen, Juan Antonio Bayona, signs up for Brad Pitt's World War Z sequel.

There's a sporting chance that the sequel to this year's World War Z movie is going to be moving ahead sooner rather than later, with the news now that a director has already been found for the project. It was little secret by the end of the first shoot that star and producer Brad Pitt wasn't seeing eye to eye with World War Z director Marc Forster, and thus it's been known for a while that the latter wouldn't be back for the next film.

The job instead has gone to Juan Antonio Bayona. He's most recently directed The Impossible, and before that he made The Orphanage. He's been brought onto World War Z 2 relatively early, as he's also going to be overseeing the writing process for the film. As it stands, no writers are known to have been recruited, so it may be a while yet before we see the movie.

We suspect 2016 will be the earliest we might see the film, but as always, we'll keep you posted as we find out more...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Please read the book this time!

Sadly I get the impression that ship has sailed.

If the book were to be filmed, it should be a TV series - hour long episodes that takes place all over the world.

this is disappointing, loved the orphanage, but the blandness and the sour taste left by white washing of the impossible was real let down. hate to see a director with potential becoming a hollywood hired hack. would love to see something orginated by him or at least close to his heart rather than a sequel to another directors work. maybe i'll be wrong and it'll turn out like a borne supremacy, but i'm not holding out hope.

So the sequel will be World War ZZ? It will be if they don't finally use that bloody book!

I bet the series becomes known as World War ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Way to steal my joke Mojji. Goddam it!

Don't worry, it was a pretty poor joke anyway, so he did you a favour.

I have one thing to say: NO.

I want to see the Russian battle alternate ending

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