Paramount sets World War Z 2 moving

News Simon Brew
24 Jun 2013 - 06:15

Brad Pitt and Paramount are set to move ahead with World War Z 2, the studio has confirmed...

We've been suggesting for some time that the movie of World War Z, whilst never likely to satisfy fans of Max Brooks' source material, was always a good bet for a decent night out at the movies. And it seems as though the film has overcome the swathe of negativity that haunted the production to turn into a sizeable hit.

After its opening weekend worldwide, World War Z already has some $111.8m in the bank, thanks in part to a sizeable $66m opening weekend in the US, that was some way over expectation. The film still has lots of countries to open in too, and it seems as though Paramount and Brad Pitt have a good, solid hit on their hands.

So much so that both are now looking to execute their plan for further World War Z movies. Paramount's studio vice chairman, Rob Moore, has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that they will now "actively turn to developing a sequel". And while the studio needs the box office numbers to hold into the film's second weekend, all indicators right now suggest a big gamble has been won.

More on the World War Z sequels - there was an original plan for a trilogy - as we hear about them.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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