World War Z Superbowl spot

News Simon Brew
1 Feb 2013 - 06:52

Catch a fresh glimpse of the upcoming World War Z movie, starring Brad Pitt, right here...

We're expecting to see fresh footage from an abundance of big movies over the coming weekend, as studios launch Superbowl spots and trailers for some of the year's big films. Paramount has, perhaps wisely, decided to get ahead of things a little therefore, by releasing the new promo spot for the upcoming World War Z online in advance.

The movie, based on Max Brooks' book, stars Brad Pitt, with Marc Forster directing. The TV spot seems reluctant to show anything close-up resembling a zombie, with instead the focus more on the 'World War' than the 'Z'.

The movie arrives in June. And here's that TV spot...

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