First teaser poster for World War Z

Poster Simon Brew
6 Nov 2012 - 23:00

Brad Pitt stars in World War Z, which is out in 2013. It must be true. It says it here.

Here’s a question: if you’re looking to put across a movie that’s basically about a zombie war, which in turn is based on a book that’s written around anecdotes rather than one central narrative thread, how would you do? it on a poster? How exactly would you try and get that across to a blockbuster audience?

Here’s the answer: you don’t even begin to bother.

Meet the first poster for World War Z, then, which arrives ahead of the trailer tomorrow. Basically, there’s one key, easily selling point here and that’s the name of Brad Pitt. Anything else, apart from the title, is pretty much superfluous for the time being.

Granted, this is a ‘teaser’ poster. But it’s less a tease, more a brief collection of bullet points that wouldn’t look out of place on a Powerpoint slide.

We’re really looking forward to World War Z is the irony. It’s a film that, courtesy of its apparently difficult production, many have quickly written off. The last difficult production to be written off was Dredd, and that turned into something far better than most were expecting. Don’t be surprised if World War Z delivers, too.

Here, now that we’ve said all that, is the poster.

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