Damon Lindelof signs up for World War Z rewrites

News Simon Brew 8 Jun 2012 - 20:08

The movie of World War Z is set for extensive reshoots, with writer Damon Lindelof hired to fix the final act.

Going by the original plan, Paramount was set to release World War Z in cinemas this December. Then, earlier this year, it announced that it was moving the adaptation of Max Brooks' work to next June. This seemed to make sense: given how The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo struggled to make its expected impact last Christmas, with its darker subject matter, the zombie apocalypse seems to be a better fit for the summer.

Sadly, all doesn't seem well, though.

The film has wrapped photography, with Marc Forster directing and Brad Pitt starring. But it seems that extensive reshoots have been ordered. More than that, though, it seems. News is breaking that Damon Lindelof, of Lost and Prometheus fame, has been hired to do rewrites.

That's rewrites, after principal photography has wrapped. That doesn't sound too good.

Basically, it seems that Lindelof has a small window to try and make a bit more sense of the project (and Brooks' book was described as unfilmable by many), before cameras start rolling again. Apparently, his focus will be on the third act of the story.

The June 2013 release date is still holding, and it's unlikely there will be further delays to it. Don't hold us to that, though. Hopefully, all the tinkering and reworking will be worth it.

For now, The Hollywood Reporter has more on the story, here.

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Asking Lindelof to make "more sense" of a script is like asking Jar Jar Binks to explain quantum physics. 

I rushed to post on this.But,fullmetalgod,you've said it better than I could.

What's with Lindelof being such hot property?  What has he done that's been so great?  I get that Lost was very well made and had a few great moments, but the ending was (in my opinion!) terrible and a complete joke.  Cowboys & Aliens was a decent film, but nothing amazing script wise.  And then we come to Prometheus, which again was well made and looks stunning, but the writing just doesn't stack up.

He's doing the Star trek sequel (I'm put off already!) and now this.  No doubt we can all guess what happens at the end of World War Z if this guy is now involved.  It will involve mystery, it will involve unanswered questions, it will involve God in some form and it will be a let down.

In both LOST and Prometheus, Lindelof has written fresh and thought-provoking drama.
Though clearly inspired by contemporary and ancient mythologies he consistently presents an original slant on well-established ideas.
I find it curious that some consumers of his work repeatedly miss the intended point...
I would sympathise more with critical de-riding of Lindelof from individuals who have displayed talent in this field, but this is never the case.

This is a terrible idea

Don't know why their bothering. Promethius didn't make any sense in the whole second half of the movie and its still making bucket loads of cash...

I'm still disappointed it's not a mockumentary.

Patronising right there. Extrapolate - NOW!

excellent choice of metaphor ;)

this is just typical of Marc Forster to start shooting without a finished script - "I'll make it up as I go along, because I feel I can rewrite the fundamental rule of film making - SCRIPT SCRIPT SCRIPT - just like that excellent film Quantum of Solace, which everybody enjoyed."*
Lindelof should just retire now, because there's obviously nobody as strange as him to understand his vaguely religous crap the movie executives are mistaking for exciting new talent. Has anybody in charge SEEN Lost?!!!

the way this is going, it will be a mockery

'Quick we need some overly simplistic religious themes that appear to be deeply profound and some plot points that lead nowhere...'
'Call Lindelof NOW!'

Q - "What has he done that's been so great?"

A - Made bucketfuls of cash

His stuff always reminds me of a 15 year old's poetry, attempting to be deeply thoughtful whilst actually just a load of made up rubbish only other pretentious 15 year old wannabe poets can see any meaning in.

 Most movies Brad Pitt are problematic, difficult  long projects, and are difficult to become commercial .... WWZ is a book like Moneyball Brad works for years to turn into film, he said in Cannes the film was not ready and that is a difficult book to adapt to the movies, he takes risks in his choices. And if Paramount, think about a sequel maybe have to change the ending even. I just hope everything runs well after all this is an expensive project. And hope the media not begin to speculate and harm the film .... We need more BRAD PITT and other producers who are doing something different in the movies ...

I know of a dog that lives round the back of my house. I think it's blind in both eyes but it knows how to understand the fudementals of where to take a dump and not take a dump, if u like i may be able to get it to mash a tablet with it's paw to rewrite and give a better script then Lindelof? 

He definitely had a finished script before he started shooting, because I read two completed drafts a year ago, penned by Michael Straczynski.

Both had endings that seemed to work fine on the page, so I don't know what's gone wrong, but if they're trying to do better than Mr. Straczynski, well, good luck I guess.

Big fan of the Max Brooks books, but any fool will have realized that their disjointed nature will not turn out well on film! i bet the final cut of the film makes no sense!  

Absolutely. Prometheus is a really decent movie but the script is an abortion.

I'm really not a fan of Lindelof. They must be desperate if they have hired him.

The endless proliferation of unfocused hatred towards Lindelof and other genre writers is tiring. Though reacting negatively to popular culture is of course acceptable, constructive critisism is rare.
Never are there suggestions of "it would have been better if this happened..." or "I would have preferred to see something like my idea of..."
The suspicion is that those posting such venomous and unconstructive opinions have neither the ability to create a superior alternative, nor any awareness of those myriads of fans both content and impressed with the creation.
Rather than simple dislike, suggesting better ideas would be most welcome.

It's not hatred, just frustration.  I do have my own ideas of what I would have done with Alien, or whatever else, but that's not the point.

He has written a poor script for Prometheus and the paying public are entitled to vent their opinion.  Are you telling me you're impressed with the script of Prometheus?  And I mean the script.  Please give examples, I'd love to know.

I'm still waiting for you to give me the point we've missed, or can't you tell me?  Is it a secret?

I never wrote a script but just saw Prometheus and loved it!  Exciting and takes the Alien story in an interesting new direction.  I say lay off the lindelof-bashing hun, Scott went to him and stuck with him because he is talented...maybe not evryone's taste.  Guess I won't see you guys at Prometheus 2?!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really am. But for me it wanted to be a big, clever film without actually delivering.

I hope they make the next film in the series and maybe it will be better, but the script writing needs to improve.

I'm actually going to see it again on Wednesday (don't ask!), so who knows, maybe I'll enjoy it more!

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