Steven Knight hired for World War Z sequel script

News Rob Leane
29 May 2014 - 07:54

The Locke and Dirty Pretty Things writer Steven Knight has been hired for the sequel to World War Z...

Marc Forster’s World War Z surprised a lot of people last year by picking up some decent reviews and a big box office total, despite a publically troubled production with noteworthy departures from the source material.

The sequel already has a director in the shape of Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible), and now it has a writer too – Locke’s writer-director Steven Knight.

As well as this good form in claustrophobia and close-quarters character study, Knight also penned the scripts for Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises and Jason Statham’s Hummingbird, which seems a promising sign for this zombie sequel.

The original was loosely adapted from a sequel-less Max Brooks novel by no less than four writers (including Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof). Knight will surely be hoping for more creative control with his follow-up.

Interviewing Brad Pitt around the time of the initial production, the LA Times claimed that “Forster and Paramount Pictures each view World War Z as a trilogy that would have the grounded, gun-metal realism of Damon's Jason Bourne series tethered to the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC's The Walking Dead.”

It’s unclear whether these claims remain true, but either way it will be interesting to see what Knight brings to the table. Whether Brad Pitt’s will return is unclear at this stage. More on this as we hear it.

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