Rob Minkoff on nearly making Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2014 - 11:49

The director of The Lion King nearly ended up making Roger Rabbit 2...

Arriving in UK cinemas today is DreamWorks Animation's new film, Mr Peabody & Sherman. The film is directed by Rob Minkoff, returning to animation for the first time since The Lion King.

Minkoff chatted to us about the film in an interview that you can read here, and during our chat, he also revealed that he came close to making Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2, just before he did The Lion King.

Minkoff had worked on the Roger Rabbit short films, and as he told us, "after I'd finished the second Roger Rabbit short, I got a call that they had the script of the Roger Rabbit sequel. Would I read it, then come in to discuss directing the whole movie? So I did that, got hired to do that, and worked on it for a year or so. Eventually they decided to shelve the project".

There's been more than on attempt to get Roger Rabbit 2 moving in the past, and as Minkoff told us, the one he was working on "was about Roger Rabbit trying to find his mother. That was the conceit, that somehow she'd gone to Hollywood, and he'd find her there. Then it turned into something like Sunset Boulevard! Anyway, we worked on that for a year, and they said it wasn't right, and didn't want to do it, and it got shelved".

Last we heard, director Robert Zemeckis was still interested in making another Roger Rabbit film, but it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast...

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Really really want this. Toons are timeless or they don't age. You could have all the toons from the past interacting with Toons of the present. That includes the CGI animated characters. Imagine Woody and Buzz ridding in Dumbos hat. Scrat and Willi E Coyete teaming up to catch the road runner and get that damn acorn. - obviously these would be sight gags to support a story about modern animation vs old with Rodger at the centre of it all.

What I've wanted to see in a Roger Rabbit film was the 50's hitting, and suddenly a slum it Toontown was formed, consisting of limited animation characters - Ruff and Ready, Huckleberry Hound... that ilk. Even worse, some characters are going native, and becoming limited animation themselves (e.g. Popeye, Casper, etc.)

Would've been more awesome if there's a crossover between Toons & Anime characters. Two animated races couldn't understand each other at first, but began to appreciate, and probably love, each other. Why not have a Superman & Goku beatdown? How about Astro Boy & Mickey being rivals? Anime vs toon physics? Roger Rabbit trying to make sense of anime? Possibilities....

I could always do with more Jessica Rabbit.

Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger will be at SLC FanEx this year! I will bring up to him that the world needs another RR movie!!! We miss Roger!

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